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10 Effective Techniques to Overcome Migraine

Overcome Migraine


10 Effective Techniques to Overcome Migraine

A neurological problem known as Migraine causes headaches that can be mild, moderate, or acute. A typical throbbing, pulsating feeling on one side of the skull is present with facial pain, which is frequently persistent and can last all day or longer.

If not treated promptly, migraines, that excruciating pain in the brain, can persist for up to 2 days. It can affect anyone, affects people of all ages, and is frequently a sign of stress, worry, or even a neurological condition. It may occasionally be persistent and have an impact on your day-to-day well-being. Along with general treatments, migraine treatment in Ayurveda is also very effective in giving you a solution. 

Approach To Migraine Treatment In Ayurveda

According to ancient Ayurvedic scriptures, migraines are known as “Ardhavabhedhaka” and are primarily brought on by an imbalance of the pitta, vata, and Kapha doshas. This has a detrimental effect on how the neurological system functions, impairing memory, concentration, and focus as well as decreasing eye health, causing disrupted sleep cycles or insomnia, and lowering productivity at work and home.

According to ancient ayurvedic texts, “Ardheshirsha Vedana,” or pain in half the skull, is the most characteristic sign of migraines. Other symptoms include acute discomfort in the Bhru (eyebrows), Manya (cervical area), Akshi (eyes), Karna (ears), and Lalata  (frontal head). Additionally, individuals with this chronic condition also feel Chakshu-Virajyata (tearing pain in the temporal areas), Shankhamoola Darana (dizziness), Bhrama (high-level pain), and Chakshu-Virajyata (redness in the eyes).

Natural Techniques and Migraine Treatment in Ayurveda 

Here are some quick and easy Ayurveda herbal remedies that are wonderful for treating migraine symptoms and reducing excruciating pain around the face and head.

Here are some quick and easy Ayurveda herbal remedies that are wonderful for treating migraine symptoms and reducing excruciating pain around the face and head.

Triphala Churna

An organic concoction of bibhitaki, haritaki, and amla flower extracts known as “Triphala” makes up the Triphala churna. It is a miraculous tonic that improves breathing while clearing the lungs and cooling the body. This enhances breathing, cleans the sinuses and nasal passageways of allergens and blockages, and effectively lessens migraines. 

Ksheera Ghrita

Ksheera Ghrita, which is simply a mug of milk mixed with ghee, is an excellent all-natural beverage that effectively treats migraines. Numerous components, including calcium, vitamin D,  proteins,  healthy fats, and vitamin E, collaborate to lift mood, activate the nervous system, boost output, and control metabolism, which lessens pounding pain throughout the body.

Churna Sitopaladi

Vankshalochana (the white part of the bamboo tree), Mishri, pepper, cardamom, and cinnamon combine to produce the Sitopaladi Churna. It has outstanding inhaled steroid properties that increase lung function and clear mucus, phlegm, and colds. This migraine treatment in Ayurveda, taken in three tablespoons with little honey, clears all respiratory blockages while easing headache and migraine discomfort.


A great way to decrease stress and mental strain, worry, and anxiety is to inhale the medicinal fumes of some pleasingly scented herbs known as Dhoomapana. Inhaling the gentle sandalwood vapor with cardamom powder can relieve migraines by energizing the senses, calming the mind, and easing the pressure on the brain. 


Nasya is the practice of delivering medicinal formulations through the nose. This panchakarma treatment is highly advised for treating migraines and chronic headaches. It should be done early in the morning, an hour before meals, and on an empty stomach. 

Lavender Oil

It has been established that lavender oil works well in curing migraines. Lavender’s heady aroma has a relaxing impact on the nervous system. Continuous use of lavender oil in aromatherapy reduces anxiety and tension, stopping all chronic headaches.

Take Ginger

The primary bioactive component in ginger, gingerol, gives ginger its therapeutic benefits. In addition, it has a lot of active ingredients, such as terpene and phenolic elements, that can relieve excruciating migraine headaches.

Consume Peppercorns

The enzyme piperine, the anti-inflammatory component found in peppercorns, aids in the relief of sudden aches. Furthermore, some substances in these potent little kernels soothe migraine pain and other excruciating headaches. Peppercorns are thought to be a natural analgesic and are high in capsaicin. The neuropeptide that is a pain communicator and the source of these severe headaches is inhibited by capsaicin.

Put A Warm Compress On

A warm compress on that area helps relax the tense muscles because they are under a lot of strain and constriction during migraine attacks.

Make Sure You’re Hydrated

The regularity of migraine attacks and the intensity of the neck and head discomfort can be decreased, according to doctors and healthcare professionals, with adequate water.


Ayurvedic migraine treatment is the ideal choice for you if you are experiencing excruciating migraine pain and find that conventional medical treatments are not providing adequate relief. Get the best migraine treatment in Ayurveda by going to Prakash Nethralaya.

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