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4 Tips to Sell Your House Fast in 2022

4 Tips to Sell Your House Fast in 2022


4 Tips to Sell Your House Fast in 2022

Selling a property quickly remains a complex and sometimes difficult operation. Therefore, it is necessary to follow some expert advice in order to complete a real estate transaction in a short time.

Here are 4 strategies that will allow you to make a quick sale:

  • Properly assess your property and list it at the right price
  • Design an interesting real estate offer to attract potential buyers
  • Monitor the competition in the real estate market to choose the right time to sell
  • Promote collaboration between the various players in the real estate industry by retaining the services of a real estate broker

It is impossible to predict the exact time it will take to complete the sale of your home. However, thanks to these tips, you will certainly save a considerable amount of time and your chances of selling will increase!

Are you in a hurry to sell your property? Discover in detail the 4 most important strategies to apply to sell your home quickly.

List your property at the right price

To set the price of your property, you can use the comparable method you just have to compare your house with other similar residences. To do this, certain factors must be taken into consideration, such as:

  • the area
  • area
  • the type of residence (condo, single-family home, etc.)
  • the size of the land
  • the number of floors
  • the year of construction

For a proper and valid comparison, these items must look or be nearly identical to your home. For example, if your house is in Laval, observe only the real estate market of this sector and not that of the neighboring cities. Be aware that it will still be difficult to find completely exact comparable for all these criteria.

It is also recommended to validate the current real estate market, but also that of last year. As the market turns out to be a little less under pressure and less prone to overbidding, you will have the right facts!

Will the one-upmanship slowdown in 2022?

Yes, the phenomenon of one-upmanship and multiple offers will fade in the months to come. This situation, especially present on the island of Montreal and in neighboring regions, will stabilize in 2022. Experts predict a decrease in demand and an end to the shortage of homes for sale.

  • Other factors will contribute to stopping the effervescence of the real estate market, such as:
  • high property prices that make accumulating a down payment quite difficult
  • more expensive materials for new constructions
  • the resumption of post-pandemic activities which will reduce the house budget

It is therefore reasonable to think that property sales and housing starts will weaken in 2022.

Prepare an interesting real estate offer

During 2021, the overheated real estate market allowed people to put their property up for sale without much preparation. Sellers knew full well that they would find buyers regardless of the quality of the real estate offer presented on the web. Unfavorable photos, an imprecise description or a lack of information were then commonplace.

As the nationwide property and appraisal services are already starting to stabilize, know that you will have to develop a much more attractive offer for potential buyers in 2022. Bet on excellent quality photos and opt for home staging. This technique will make your home attractive to buyers.

What is home staging?

Home staging, also called real estate valuation, improves the appearance of a property intended for sale. Techniques will thus be applied to make a property more attractive to potential buyers.

It is a form of real estate marketing that offers the possibility of selling your residence faster and at the best price. Since a buyer’s opinion of a property is formed in less than 90 seconds, home staging can be a profitable and affordable investment.

Monitor competition in the real estate market

It is important to put your property up for sale when there is little competition in the market. Choose this key moment to display your residence. In this way, you, as a seller, will obtain much more profit as well as a larger pool of potential buyers.

The real estate market of 2022 will certainly be different from that of 2021 since the imbalance between supply and demand will fade. In 2021, there were many more buyers looking for a home than available properties. This phenomenon will gradually decrease to give way to a certain stability. This will make it easier for you to determine the right time to put your home up for sale.

When to sell your house?

It is best to put your property up for sale during the months of January to July. This is when the real estate ad sites are the busiest. From May to July, real estate transactions generally increase at a rapid pace.

However, if you want to sell your property now, nothing prevents you from starting the process. Hundreds of homes sell each month across the province. The period from May to July is only the busiest.

Promote collaboration between players in the real estate industry

Thinking of selling your home on your own? Thinking of retaining the services of a discount broker? Be aware that these strategies hinder collaboration with other brokers in the real estate market. When buyers are looking for a property, they generally prefer to be represented by a collaborating real estate broker. The latter thus favors sellers who do business with a listing real estate broker. 

As 90% of buyers are accompanied by a commercial real estate appraiser for the acquisition of a new property, you lose many potential buyers by acting alone. You even run the risk of losing several thousand dollars! Therefore, it is preferable to promote collaboration between real estate brokers to achieve a quick real estate sale.

Why retain the services of a real estate broker?

Hiring a listing real estate broker allows you to save money, benefit from advice throughout the sales process and of course, sell your house at the right price and much faster!

When you decide to sell on your own, you have to manage everything, ie the price evaluation, the display of the property on the web, the visits, the legal documents, etc. You’ll also need to find strategies to get more exposure if buyers aren’t there. It’s a think about it!

In summary, the year 2022 will be a good time to sell your property. All you need is good support for you to achieve a quick and successful real estate sale!

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