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5 Min crafts with cereal boxes

cereal boxes


5 Min crafts with cereal boxes

One of the perfect ways to store your food and let it stay fresh for a long time is using cereal boxes. These boxes are specially designed for storing food and are designed and manufactured with such a material that the food kept inside them stays hygienic and fresh. The material that is used to manufacture these boxes is cardboard or sometimes craft material as well. Other than that, these boxes are easy when you want to recycle them. The packaging that is based on cardboard or kraft is perfect for food and the environment.

Multiple ideas and designs

You are not to buy the specific designs for your box; you can always choose your favorite design. Cereal box designs are of multiple varieties and all are unique in their style. Other than that, you can also go for your known cereal box ideas if you have any in your mind and get customized boxes.

When you want extra storage boxes for packing your food, you can choose these boxes because cereal boxes storage capacity is quite fine for storing a nice amount of food in them. The food kept in these boxes stays safe from being soggy as well.

Krafts using cereal boxes

Cereal boxes can be utilized for making many other goods out of them. You can recycle these boxes for many other interesting crafts. We have lined up a few 5 min crafts for you that you can make and enjoy using these food storage boxes.

Make your gift box

Are you bored of using the dull gift boxes available in the market? Don’t worry we have something interesting for you. Now you can make your unique gift box using mini cereal boxes. All you need is a box and a scissor.

Make spools for embroidery floss

Bored of the old-fashioned spools for your embroidery floss? Relax; it’s time to get new floss spools out of the cereal boxes. They are straightforward to make and you just need 5 min to have new trendy spools. All you have to do is to make a template by using your current spools and then just take scissors and cut the new spool from the box. Your new funky spool is ready to have some embroidery floss over it.

Make bookmarks for your books

We have to Skin Care and are best to make funky bookmarks. For this, you need a box and scissors. Cut a long wide strap from the crate and punch the uppermost corner of the strap and insert a ribbon in it. There you go; your new bookmark is ready.

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