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All-In-One Toolbox app


All-In-One Toolbox app

Just like any other machine, our smartphone needs to be taken care of in such a manner that would ensure it has a long and healthy life. Many apps have been created or are being developed towards this end, but most of them focus on just one aspect of your device, and only a few of these apps take a holistic approach to your device’s wellbeing. All In One Toolbox is just one of these apps, which contains a plethora of services to ensure that your device is kept running smoothly at optimum levels.

About All-in-one Toolbox

This app comes with a smooth and user-friendly interface, which makes sure that your time using the app doesn’t leave you tired and stressed out. There are three main pages. The first page is the Homepage, and it offers a wide array of features. At the top of the page is a large circle displaying the percentage of RAM used, along with the amount of RAM used in GBs out of the total RAM consumed.

When you tap on this circle, your device will be boosted in a matter of seconds, releasing much needed RAM space for the smooth functioning of your device. Right below this you have two rectangles adjacent to each other one named ROM and the other named SD, each showing the percentage of ROM and SD used respectively. Once you tap on either one of them, you are taken to a new page with more options listed for you to manage these folders.

When you click on the ROM icon, you are given options such as Large Files, APK Cleaner, APP Reset, Download Cleaner and Uninstall Apps, which all work together to free up more space from your internal storage.

When you tap on the SD icon, you are taken to a page called File Manager, which gives you the number of files contained in each category namely, Images, Audios, Videos, Documents and so on, at the top of the page. Just below this, you get two portals for Device storage and SD card storage which helps you see all the files contained within them and gives you options to manage them. In addition to these, you also have other options like Duplicate Files, Device Storage Analyzer, and SD Card Storage Analyzer.

Features of All In One Toolbox

  • Clean: scans your device for junk files such as Cache, Temp Files, App Leftovers, APK Files, Thumb Images, and Empty Folders, and helps you get rid of them.
  • Boost: boosts the apps on your device, to make sure they perform at their best function.
  • Battery Saver: identifies apps that consume too much energy and help you cool down your device for optimum functioning.
  • Wi-Fi Analysis: carries out network security checks and helps boost your apps to keep the network speeds at high levels
  • File Manager
  • Boot Speedup:
  • App Manager
  • CPU Cooler

The other two pages also consist of many more features and options that contribute to the smooth functioning of your device.

Download All-in-one Toolbox apk

You can directly download toolbox apk from internet. But it is not the recommended and safest way to do. Because you may end up downloading wrong apk file and no will no longer receive app updates. Only apps downloaded from play store will receive automatic updates. All other apps have to be updated manually.

You can use third-party Android app store like AC Market. AC Market allows you to download Android apk files for free. It will provide automatic apps updates for all Android apps and games.

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