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Another Retread Answer For The Otr Tire Fragment

Otr Tire Fragment


Another Retread Answer For The Otr Tire Fragment

Yet again by presenting the new MTXL retread, the Italian-based expert demonstrates their client driven approach.

Rovereto, Italy – The most recent item improvement in the OTR tire portion permit Marangoni to exhibit their mechanical ability and adaptability by adjusting rapidly and circling back to retread arrangements reasonable for the most recent created tires.

In such manner, the new MTXL retread addresses without a doubt a model case, as per Ayhan Haliloglou, OTR tire Region Director at Marangoni.  As of late, a client from Finland reached us to ask for in the event that we could plan another retread answer for the tires mounted as unique hardware on their Kiruna slag pot transporters. These new superior tires of the size 29.5R29 had a recently planned packaging, with higher burden limit and a totally new track plan.

A Particular Requirement For The End-Client, Another Test For Marangoni

The end-client was searching for a method for involving these housings briefly existence with a track plan like the first and fit for their particular necessities: footing and cut/tear opposition – two key highlights for the mining business. Following this solicitation, Marangoni began assessing the improvement of another item, keeping a consistent, useful and significant discourse with its merchant   Lujakumi Oy – and their client – Valtasiirto Oy.

Lujakumi, whose central command are arranged on Finland’s west coast, are one of the most experienced tire retread organizations in Europe. The organization was established in 1954 and, beginning around 2023, they’ve been utilizing RINGTREAD Framework, Marangoni’s driving edge innovation for the retreading of truck and transport tires. In 2023, they added Marangoni OTR retreads to their business offer, by consenting to a dissemination arrangement with the Italian firm. How does Unblocked Games 66 EZ work?

Valtasiirto is an organization well versed in conveying extensive answers for modern indoor and outside planned operations, with business workplaces situated in every one of the biggest Finnish modern parks. The firm was laid out in 1999 and, from that point forward, they offered a huge assortment of administrations, among which the administration of the natural substance stock for its clients working in the mining business.

The Start Of A Synergic Collaboration

OTR Expert at Lujakumi, claims that it turned out to be promptly certain that the end-client was searching for more than just an accomplice to simply satisfying their customary tire needs. “Other than retreading their standard wheel loader and enunciated unloader tires, Valtasiirto were likewise searching for a conservative and biological answer for their specific pot transporter vehicles. Having effectively helped out Marangoni for quite a long time, we realize that everything was set up to fulfill this solicitation.

In the wake of beginning the coordinated effort, the end-client encountered the Marangoni’s business driving tire retreading innovation by making a reality tracking down visit to Italy, as per Jori Huhtaniemi, Overseer of Upkeep at Valtasiirto. Subsequent to getting a top to bottom visit through the Rovereto’s plant, we were truly dazzled by the high innovation content carried out by Marangoni in their creation cycle. This visit demonstrated an extraordinary chance to acquire a lot more noteworthy information on how premium quality retreading happens.

As the particular activity of the tires prepared on the front pivot of their Kiruna slag pot transporters is extremely serious, and wellbeing is the principal need, Marangoni proposed a thorough packaging review system prior to focusing on the improvement of another item.

Retreading: An Interaction Surprisingly Refined

This tire size of 29.5R29 had never been retreaded by Marangoni, so the underlying investigation was basic, says Haliloglou. Subsequent to recovering the client’s housings, our administrators really look at the changed pieces of the tires, to guarantee that the quality and packaging honesty was OK for the retreading system.

The following stage was to eliminate the old tire material by a cycle known as polishing to exact aspects. The packaging was estimated subsequent to polishing until the base required measure of base elastic remained.

Further packaging investigation occurred by the Marangoni administrators. These tires have been utilized in extremely overbearing and strenuous circumstances and a few little harmed regions were recognized. Be that as it may, on account of Marangoni’s broad involvement with tire fixing, this represented no danger to the retreadability.

In the wake of concentrating on the application and machine schematics, Marangoni’s designing and creation divisions proposed a track profundity, an example plan and a track compound that would fit this particular activity and be reasonable to deliver on this packaging model. When the specific not entirely settled, the creation cycle proceeded.

The structure interaction is very further developed than the vast majority think. Certain individuals expect that a pre-relieved track is applied to the packaging, however this is certainly not the situation. Truth be told, the OTR tire is reconstructed from the packaging on as though it was another tire. The packaging is mounted on the structure machine and begins to turn, while an extruder arm applies three unique layers of compound – base, transitional and track – uniformly from one shoulder to another,” the region chief adds.

Recaflex Framework: The Arrangement That Had The Effect

During the review estimation period of the packaging, it became evident that this particular sort of packaging was not inside the layered boundaries of a L4 packaging. Consequently, it wasn’t plausible to deal with the packaging in a regular hot-fix form: an elective technique was required. Marangoni picked to fix the assembled tire in their autoclave. The different restoring offices – forms and autoclave – Marangoni has in its production line in Rovereto, empower the organization to retread practically any OTR tire accessible.

At long last, Marangoni’s experts investigated the item for any deformities and flaws. After the visual examination, each tire was reviewed utilizing a shearography machine. Shearography interferometry  permits assessment of the inward construction of the tire.

Back To Work, Prepared For Another Lifecycle

The tires have been as of late sent back to Finland, where they have been additionally reviewed and mounted on one of the Valtasiirto’s slag pot transporters. Right now, the MTXL retreads are in activity and are overall firmly Lujakumi’s specialized trained professionals, to demonstrate that Marangoni OTR retreads are reasonable for the hardest states of this extreme modern application.

Marangoni keeps on facilitating foster their contribution, so that all fragments inside the quarrying and mining businesses can bring down their all out cost of possession and work on the environmental impression, by embracing a tire strategy which permits superior, very much oversaw OTR tires to be retreaded.

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