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BEST Online Free PDF To Word Converter

PDF To Word Converter


BEST Online Free PDF To Word Converter

Portable Document Format commonly known as PDF was invented with the intention of making the sharing of documents and files across multiple devices easier.

The idea was to create an immaculate, compact version of the original file that would be difficult to tamper with during its transition from one device to another. This is one purpose that it has accomplished with great success.

However, along with its offering of convenience in transfer, also came the issues faced by the file owners.

PDF To Word Converter

Although PDF allows for the smooth and agile transfer of a document, it doesn’t allow for its editing. So if a user seeks to rectify details in the PDF file, he or she simply cannot do so.

Thankfully, this isn’t a big problem to fret about as there are tools specifically designed to provide a solution to this issue. On Google search, you will find a plethora of PDF to Word Converters at your disposal each in their own way to help you convert non-editable PDF files into editable Word documents.

In this tutorial, we will be looking at some of these tools, dive deep into the features that each of them offers, understand the price they offer it at, and ultimately leave you to ponder over which tool will better suit your requirements.

Great Tools To Convert PDF To Word

Online OCR

Best for PDF Conversion.

Online OCR seeks to use the power of optical character recognition to enable fast and high-quality PDF conversion in word or any other format you desire.

The tool is absolutely free to use and offers a simple interface to get your task done. You simply upload your file, select the file format, and click convert. Your file will be converted in no time.

Price: Free

Soda PDF

Best for Simple PDF Processing.

Soda PDF is a phenomenal premium PDF processing tool for everything from conversion to PDF compression. The tool offers a colorful interface that makes the conversion, compression, and other PDF-related tasks very easy.

The tool is very powerful and gets your file converted at ultrafast speed with no compromise in quality. It does require you to pay a premium amount, but it is absolutely worth it when you consider what’s in store.

Price: $6 per month for standard, $10 per month for pro, $16 for business.


PDF Online

Best for Basic PDF Conversion

PDF online offers a very simple PDF conversion tool and nothing more. You simply upload the file you want to be converted, choose the format, and wait for the result. It is slow and contains an empty interface.

However, it can come in handy every now and then for once in a while conversion of PDF files. For more robust features, we suggest you look to some other.

Price: Free

PDF Element

Best for End to End PDF Processing.

Wondershare’s PDF Element is quite a charmer and packs a wide range of features to justify its existence. Not only can you convert your PDF using this software, but also use it for other practical features like OCR enabled PDF editing, placing comments on PDF files, Split and merge PDF, sign a PDF, etc.

We recommend the PDF element to more advanced business users because of the price hanging over its use.

Price: Standard – $49 per year, Pro – $79 per year.


Best for Converting and Accessing PDF files from anywhere.

Cloud-based and advanced, DocFly does a great job converting PDF files into editable word documents. You can use DocFly as your database as well to store converted files and access them from anywhere in the world. Apart from this, the tool is fast, secure, and quite impressive in the quality of the word document it delivers.

Price: $ 47.88 per year


PDF files although important, pose the major issue of being non-editable, which is why the PDF to Word converting tools mentioned above are so important.

If you follow our advice with due diligence, you too can land on a converting software of your desire without a hassle. Remember a tool that is fast, ensures file safety, and does not hinder your original document quality, is ultimately the right tool for you.

As for our recommendation, if you are looking for a robust, and advanced PDF processing tool that offers more than simple conversion benefits, then look no further than Adobe. If you need a free tool, then iLovePDF will cater to your needs just fine.

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