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Chadar Trek: Complete Guide

Chadar Trek


Chadar Trek: Complete Guide


Ladakh, the largest district in Jammu and Kashmir, is encircled by the karakoram and the Himalayan hills. From beautiful valleys to amazing mountain areas to charming lakes and experience, Ladakh possesses everything which attracts the tourists. Ladakh is also named as land of trips or dream of arrival point for traveling people. Chadar journey is one among the most thrilling and risk taking journeys in Ladakh, giving the travelers to observe the dreamlike beauty of hilly areas for as long as the travelers can view. The astonishing Chadar route on the beautiful icy river of the zanskar is an exciting experience for the rest of the life of the adventurers’ admirers. This trip is rare as travelers have to go on foot on the surface of the icy river in Ladakh. While most journeys go upon the hills, ancient forts, valleys, and caves, the Chadar Journey is totally a difficult experience where the people have to go on foot over the icy glass kind of river.

With astonishing hills wrapped with the snowfall from one part and a lake small river, glacial or tempered on the other part, the Chadar trek is one of the most risk taking traveling regions in India.

Location of the Chadar Trek

The bulky sheet of ice in the Zanskar river appears like a white color blanket called Chadar in the normal language. Thus, the trip is popular as the Chadar trek among the travelers. This thrilling journey is a must and should visit the region for the people who want to take risks and have a talent for long distance traveling. The location of Chadar trip will provide people to experience the charm of the Himalayas. The journey begins from a strange township called Chilling, from where the beautiful Zanskar river starts to become ice. The altitude of this trip is around 105 km, mostly the journey is covered by going on foot. On the way of the journey people will come across Tilad and learn about the Gurudwara Pathar Sahib, the religious place built in remembrance and faith of Guru Nanak Ji.

How to reach the Chadar Trek

The smoother route to arrive at the Chadar trek in Ladakh is by air. The Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport is the closest place in Leh, which has interlinks with all the main international airports in India. All main cities in India possess few flights which are direct to Ladakh on a daily basis, and people can quickly plan their trip to this amazing place.

Chadar Trek Time period

It will take a maximum of 8 to 9 days of time to finish the Chadar journey which also includes the return journey from the place of Leh. This journey commences usually in the months of January to Mid-February as the pond becomes icy , providing to go on foot comfortably over it. Winter is the perfect season to adventure the ice blankets on the icy river to be completely safe. People have to remember one thing before planning to travel this journey as they should not plan their trip to Chadar trek at the starting month of January because the ice blanket will not have the sufficient capacity to bear the weight it might cause several problems. However, the perfect time to travel Ladakh is during the months of April to June at the time of summer season and Mid-September to mid-October. It is better to gather the information on a regular basis about the present climate conditions of the area before planning to travel

Difficulty level at Chadar Trekking and attractions

Traveling to view this place means people are going to adventure through stronger difficulties that might not have been done previously, which is a goal for snowfall and adventure admirers. Journey in the place of Chadar is suggested for the people who are physically fit as they have to walk so much that too with the excess climate conditions. It is a popular large distance journey so highly recommended for the people who are well experienced. The people who dream of visiting these kinds of places but are suffering with health issues have to consult with the Doctor before taking any decision. Nearby places to visit the Chadar Trek-like Nubra Valley, Hemis National Park, Pangong Tso Lake, Shanti Stupa, Cheap airline services:-

Chadar Trek- Instructions

The complete altitude of chadar trek is around 105 km and the travelers are expected to travel 16 to 17 km per day to complete the journey. Following are the clear instructions of day-wise.

Day 1: Arrive at Leh

Day 2: Chilling and go on foot towards Tilat Sumdo camp

Day 3: Tsomo Paladar

Day 4: Traveling to Dibb

Day 5: Naearak Pullu

Day 6: Walking from Naerak to Dibb

Day 7: Trip to Shingra Koma

Day 8: Travel to Chilling in return and get back to Leh

Day 9: Returning from the Leh

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