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5 Creative Ideas For Rigid Boxes

rigid boxes


5 Creative Ideas For Rigid Boxes

Packaging enhances value regardless of the product. Brands seek better, more functional package designs to stay in the competitive market. Although there are many package designs, rigid boxes are in high demand. Functional and customizable, the rigid box shape is ideal. It is also a sustainable design that protects the environment. You do not need to worry, even if you want to improve your rigid box designs or start from scratch. We’ve compiled a list of five creative ideas you could use in your packaging design. Without further ado, let’s get straight to knowing these ideas. 

1. Rigid Boxes with a Window Cut 

The presentation of your custom boxes is essential for increasing product purchases. According to human psychology, we first look at a product and then purchase those that look attractive to our eyes. Similarly, rigid boxes with a custom window cut are getting famous in the retail market. The transparent acetate film windows give the customers a sneak peek into the box. Aside from protecting the contents, window boxes are the best packaging choice for visually appealing products that don’t require much more decoration.  

Moreover, you can use windows to see the product type if you sell different kinds of the same thing. This makes it easy to put on store shelves and sales counters so that customers can see it. In addition, you can also varnish or laminate this luxury packaging to give them a glossy, matte, or soft-touch finish. Also, embossing and foiling are good ways to draw attention to product features. These decorations provide essential product information or add another design element.

2. No More Traditional Square or Rectangular Boxes 

It is common for us to imagine square or rectangular packaging when we think of rigid boxes design. If you want to stand out from your competition, you can use various patterns and shapes. People in the market are tired of seeing the same cube or cuboid box designs. They are always looking for new things to do and want to be unique and different. For this purpose, hexagonal packaging has become very popular on the market because it is unique and looks very appealing.

This packaging is perfect for giving any product a new feel when unboxed and boosting its sales. Custom rigid boxes with the latest and modern designs can help you impress your audience. The rigid packaging is made with cardboard and kraft materials. Since paper is slightly more flexible than other materials, making boxes in different geometric shapes is easier. 

3. Printed Inserts 

You must improve the customer’s experience to boost your brand’s sales. As a result, you should always try to improve your customers’ overall experience with your product. For rigid packages, printed inserts are the ideal option. You might utilize die-cut inserts in your package to leave a lasting impression on your customers. Moreover, these inserts keep your products in place while allowing buyers to see all of the contents when they open the box. 

In addition, printing on the insert gives your packaging an extra premium feel. You can deboss your logo on the insert to provide it with a different level of personalization. In addition, you may put the packaging on display in your store so that customers can see both the products and the branding materials there. They’re the most frequent type of box, and they’re also the easiest to work with. There are various ways to customize your packagings, such as adding foil stamping, spot UV, and unique stickers.

4. A Box with a Hinged Top

It’s another common form of a box that doesn’t have a removable lid, unlike both traditional and circular-shaped packs. Your products will look their best on a retail shelf if you pack them with hinged lids. As a result, customers love hinged boxes as they can quickly and easily flip the cover back into place. Most rigid box packaging, whether they are book-style hinged boxes or hinged shoebox boxes, come with an inside fitting or insert.

The inserts keep the goods in place and keep them safe from any damage during shipping. Using these product inserts, you may extend your customer’s enjoyment of the unwrapping process for a long time. You can also make them from card foam, paper pulp, and vacuum-formed plastic.

5. Rigid Boxes for Slipcases and Drawers

Slipcases and drawers are other creative ideas to use in your rigid packaging. There is an inside tray that You can pull out and an outer slipcase that can be closed on one end. Inserts such as cards or foam are frequently used in slipcases and drawer boxes to keep products safe. Ribbon tabs and semi-circular cuts for easy opening are some of the available yet very appealing attachments that come with these boxes.

The only distinction is that the sleeve is open on both ends in a drawer with a sleeve box. When not in use as retail display cases, rigid slipcases and drawer boxes make excellent at-home storage options because of the superior unwrapping experience.


Rigid boxes are one of the best ideal packaging solutions. This is because they allow for numerous customization options. Brands can choose any style they want and leave a lasting impression on their customers. Now that you’ve got some fresh ideas, you may either improve your current rigid box packaging or start from scratch on new designs. As far as utility comes, no other packaging can beat a rigid one. It helps businesses in many ways.

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