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The Splendid Features and uses of Crepe Fabric

Crepe Fabric


The Splendid Features and uses of Crepe Fabric

Without a doubt, crepe stands out with the time with which you always look jazzy and refined. Agreeable and light, this is how you can describe crepe fabric in general terms. This material sticks to the body frame which makes it more appealing and suitable for flowy clothes. Owing to its multiple features and qualities, crepe is highly in demand for day to day outfits as well as for party wears. With this you can create any kind of dresses like western dress, saree, blouses, suit, crop top and so on. 

Even with the number of qualities and popularity among the fashion designers, crepe is still unknown to many. Due to its similarity with silk and chiffon silk, people often confuse them with pure crepe fabric. But do not get overwhelmed if you have no idea about what is crepe fabric along with how you can use it. 

Features of crepe fabric 

No wonder, crepe fabric has a very different touch in the vogue world but do you how it feel? What does crepe fabric look like? Is crepe fabric flattering? Is crepe fabric comfortable? Is crepe fabric stretchy? Well… that depends. This fabric has varieties of qualities as it is a blend of different fabrics. However, all kinds of crepe fabric have some common properties.

Beautiful and nice drape 

Besides its distinctive wrinkled appearance, crepe material typically has a lovely swing. The fabric’s skinniness makes it quite airy and comfortable, but it doesn’t really feel sluggish on the body. While this is beneficial for absorbing perspiration, it also implies that crepes does not stay warm effectively. Most common question arises whether its potential for winter as well as summer?


One of crepe texture’s characterising qualities is its breathability. Natural crepe texture will in general be the most breathable among every one of its sorts. Nonetheless, different filaments likewise offer sufficient ventilation, in any event, when utilised in high temperatures.

Versatile personality 

This texture is so flexible and can be utilised for any event including easygoing dress and, surprisingly, formal wear, such as night outfits. Owing to its versatile quality you can also carry it with any other fabric material. 

Require special care 

It is a fragile product. Specific care instruction is needed when a crepe has some specific blend. Otherwise it needs to dry clean. Cold waters are suitable for some kind of crepe. 

Moisture absorbing 

This fabric is absorbent so it is fit for warmer weather like summers. You can pick this one for the summer season while staying cool and sweat free. 

Three dimensional quality 

One more principal quality of crepe texture is its remarkable capacity to make a three-layered shape. This makes it the ideal material for articles of clothing.

How to utilise the crepe fabric 

  • Home furnishing: Crepe has a high level of flexibility and durability that due to its strong quality, you can create home furnishing stuff like cushion cover, sofa cover, drapes, lamp shade and fabric walls.  
  • Crepe texture should be visible in high style and other embellishing articles of clothing. This material’s utilisation has extended a ton contrasted with its customary use.
  • As a result of its touchy trademark, it is likewise utilised in making evening wear, scarves, and other light garments. Contrasted with silk crepe, fleece crepe is more strong.


Without any doubt, we can say that crepe is solid and highly potential material for our use. It is a century old fibre which had enough time to develop. Yet anyone can get confused with it. I hope from this write up you are clear about the crepe fabric, its qualities and various uses. 
If you are trying to get some awesome crepe material, then you must visit fabriclore. Here we offer a wide variety of material from silk crepe fabric to polyester crepe fabric and so on. So keep exploring and be creative.

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