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Differences and Similarities between Argumentative and Persuasive Essays

Argumentative and Persuasive Essays


Differences and Similarities between Argumentative and Persuasive Essays

Finding the distinctions between argumentative and persuasive essays requires careful consideration of several factors. This is even more crucial now that argumentative writing is a part of the college- and career-ready standards for all grade levels. Argumentative and persuasive essays are frequently mixed up because of their similarities. This advice is crucial for students, authors, and anybody who wants to grasp better the many styles of writing that should be used. Here, we explain how argumentative and persuasive essays are different and how they are the same.


An argument is a reason or series of reasons offered in favour of a theory, idea, or course of action.

What does a written argument mean?

In academic writing, an argument is often a central idea that is backed by evidence and is also referred to as a “claim” or “thesis statement.”

Argumentative Essay- Description

The author must conduct research for argumentative writing instead of persuasive writing, which appeals to the reader’s emotions. The author will have to create, gather, and assess the evidence they will employ. Then, they can clearly and succinctly state their position on the subject or topic.

A skilled argumentative writer should gather all the necessary information before attempting to support or defend a position. They will also need in-depth research to support their arguments with facts when they provide their beliefs or opinions to the reader. Many times, argumentative essays are regarded as debates on paper. They can make an effort to debunk and demolish the perspective or stance of the opposing view by presenting proof.

An excellent argumentative essay or writing will support its ideas with adequate and pertinent data. The text supports each claim with words, figures, and/or facts regarding the supporting data. The counterclaims and rebuttals are the final items. These must answer and refute (or at least try to) claims and points of view that differ from their own. Hiring an essay writing service UK can be the best option to get these things done in a better way.


The act of trying to persuade someone of something or the method of persuading someone to do something are considered forms of persuasion.

What does writing persuasiveness mean?

Any writing that aims to persuade the reader of the writer’s viewpoint is considered persuasive. In addition to using standard writing techniques to persuade readers, a persuasive essay author may also use personal experience, rational justifications, an appeal to emotion, and engaging speaking.

Persuasive Essay- Description

The concepts created by the early Greek Rhetoricians are said to be the foundation of persuasive writing. Socrates and Aristotle are two examples of these master oral persuasive orators. Most speeches were not written back then; they were all delivered orally.

Any writing that tries to persuade the reader to share the author’s beliefs or thoughts can be considered persuasive. This is so that a writer can make a point using personal experiences, thoughts, or feelings. The reader must be persuaded to share the writer’s viewpoint for them to succeed. Argumentative writers must gather proof, information, and facts to support their claims. A great persuasive writer, on the other hand, can craft their content deftly even without extensive knowledge. A persuasive writer appeals to readers’ emotions rather than their rational minds, which is one of the reasons for this. Many people think this is why authors who are sincerely enthusiastic about a subject or issue they truly believe in can be more convincing.

Difference Between Argumentative and Persuasive Essays

Argumentative and persuasive essays differ in certain ways.

As mentioned earlier, argumentative essays seek to persuade readers to accept the writer’s idea as true by employing data, facts, and other supporting evidence; in contrast, persuasive essays seek to convince readers to agree with the writer by appealing to their emotions, personal experiences, and other factors. Put another way, and an argumentative essay is founded on logic and arguments, whereas a persuasive essay is founded on feelings and unique ideas. The writer of an argumentative essay must conduct an in-depth study on the subject before beginning work on it, although audience awareness is not a prerequisite. On the other hand, an author can write a convincing essay without doing a lot of research, but he should know something about his audience.

Evidence is more than just a guess or an opinion when used to support claims in writing. A reason in and of itself does not constitute evidence. Evidence can be anything that can be verified as true, reliable, or accurate information. Anything you may inquire about and reference as a source can be used as proof.

Similarities Between Argumentative Essay And Persuasive Essay 

  • Both of them are persuading.
  • They are both excellent at focusing on the readers.
  • They are both trying to get the reader to agree with them and share their ideas and points of view.

Comparison Table:

Argumentative Essays Persuasive Essays
Uses evidence such as statistics, facts, and
numbers to persuade readers to accept the writer’s opinions as true.
Uses personal experiences, feelings, etc.
To try to persuade the readers to agree with the writer.
According to reason and logic. Based on feelings, individual beliefs, etc.
Accepts opposing viewpoints. Could dismiss different points of view.
Engages the readers’ thoughts. Readers respond favourably to appeals.
Before beginning, the writer must conduct in-depth research. Without undertaking many studies, writers can write.
The audience’s knowledge of the writer is not necessary. The writer should be familiar with the audience.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, about argumentative and persuasive essays, we can say that argumentative essays are pieces of writing that try to persuade the reader by using facts and evidence to back up their point of view.

A persuasive essay, sometimes referred to as an argumentative essay, takes a position on a subject or idea and makes an argument for it, frequently supported by research. The third person point of view is typically used when writing persuasive essays.

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