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The main characteristic of vinyldimethylethoxysilane is its reactive vinyl group. It is a good film former and thermostable, and it can be converted to a highly cross-linked polymer by thermal polymerization. As a chemical intermediate, it is used in the preparation of polysiloxanes modified with benzocyclobutene and tetraphenylethene.

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The reactive groups of trimethylmethoxysilane, vinyldimethylethoxysilane, and divinyltetramethyldisiloxane are useful for the functionalization of particles. These substances can be derived from the organic solvents ethylene and benzene. In this study, the reactive groups of vinyldimethylethoxysilane were compared with trivinylmethoxysilane to identify the most effective reaction conditions.

Dihalogenated silanes are organic compounds containing hydrogen and carbon atoms. The halogen atoms in dihalogenated silanes are present in the same molecule, causing them to have an unfavourable surface property. The radicals R1 and R2 in dihydroxysilane are used in the formation of polysiloxanes. However, the dihalogenated silanes are not compatible with organic solvents.


In this process, the hydroxyl group of a hydrolyzable vinylsilane-BCB is removed by addition of water or ice. The resulting product contains a hydrolyzable Si–H moiety that can be coupled with an aqueous solvent to form the coupled product. Dimethylethoxyvinylsilane-BCB can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions, including skin cancer, by converting it into a cream.

Dimethylethoxyvinylsilylsilane is a versatile organosiloxane that contains a reactive vinyl group. It is highly thermostable and a good film former. Its properties make it useful in a variety of applications, including coatings and adhesives. Further, it is useful in the synthesis of polysiloxanes containing benzocyclobutene or tetraphenylethane.

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