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Favorite secluded, quiet beaches in Florida

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Favorite secluded, quiet beaches in Florida

It is easy to find a quiet places in florida beach in South Florida. It is hard to find a secluded beach, a beach where you get a sense of discovery and delicious isolation.

Once upon a time, South Florida was full of hidden beaches. But now we’ve moved here – millions and millions of us.

So now it takes an effort to find a wild, secluded and quiet beach in Florida.

Over the years, I found six quiet beaches in Florida, and as I walked onto the sand at each one, I admit, I was tempted not to tell myself what this is obtained. (Don’t tell anyone about this, okay?)

The three beaches are secluded (only accessible by boat or across the lake); three are state or city parks and therefore not recognized outside the state. All things rare in South Florida :: Unspoiled wilderness.

The quietest beaches in Florida you have to reach by boat

Cayo Costa State Park, Pine Island

The furthest and most difficult to reach of these quiet shores is Cayo Costa, and yet all it takes is an hour’s boat ride. Cayo Costa State Park near Pine Island is not only the furthest from these closed beaches, it is also the most crowded.
There are over nine miles of beach and sand filled with shells and colored with bleached driftwood. No doubt about it: It’s unforgettable.

You can explore Cayo Costa on a day trip or stay overnight. There is ferry service from several places. You can take the Tropic Star ferry from Bokelia, a small town on Pine Island, just west of Cape Coral and Fort Myers. (Rates are $47 for day visitors and $65 for campers.) There is also an Island Star ferry operated by the King Fisher Fleet out of Punta Gorda. The King Fisher docks are just minutes from I-75 and offer free parking. Tickets are $48 for adults.

Cayo Costa is remote and wild: No snack bars, no restaurants, just the beach, nature and you. You can camp at Cayo Costa or stay in a small cabin with no electricity or running water. Evenings on a wooded island are magical, even in the summer that magic can include lots of mosquitoes and seeing it ums. November to April are the most in-demand nights, so book in advance. Here is a look at the Cayo Costa experience.

Experienced kayakers can paddle to Cayo Costa, but it’s a long way over open water and usually recommended only for those camping on the island who don’t need to make the return trip in a day. Here are some kayaking resources to Cayo Costa from the Calusa Blueway area.

Street. Lucie Inlet Preserve State Park, Stuart

Street. Lucie Inlet is also on a sheltered island, off the Atlantic coast, but is much easier to get to. To find St. Louis. Lucie Inlet Preserve State Park in Stuart, you have to paddle a kayak or get there by boat, but it’s only a third of a mile across the Intracoastal.

However, the private beach is a bonus. From the Intracoastal, a shaded boardwalk crosses the island and opens to a wide, wild, and pristine beach that goes on and on. The national park beach is 4.2 kilometers long, but the southern border contains the Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge, and thus the beach continues uninterrupted for more than 5 miles. Difficult to reach, this is a beach where you will probably find a section that you do not have to share with anyone.

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