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Google Is Scrapping Cookies This Year, And Other Small Business Tech News


Google Is Scrapping Cookies This Year, And Other Small Business Tech News

Here are five things about technology that happened last week and how they affect your business. did you miss them?

1-Google plans to remove third-party cookies by 2022.

Google announced last week that it plans to stop tracking cookies in Chrome next year by — instead — replacing cookies with a profiling system. This change is said to be very favorable. Instead of targeting and tracking users individually, Google will offer users more privacy – grouping users based on similarities of interests. The new approach is just as effective as a customized advertising target that allows third-party cookies. (Source: The Next Web)

Why it is important to your business:

Now we are all familiar with cookies, small applications that are downloaded to our devices and monitor all our online activities. We can choose not to download them, but most people don’t care. Cookies are important for advertisers to reach customers, and now Google has more control over the information that advertisers can receive. Will this change your advertising costs? Probably not because the company is likely to have more data available for better targeting. Next Web Writers “The new Chrome system is designed to benefit Google as a step toward ultimately increasing personal privacy, thus giving the company another advantage over its edtech competitors.” Will our privacy be further compromised? what do you think

2 – Seekout raises $65 million for start-ups to acquire LinkedIn and other talent recruitment companies.

The Seek out-of-seat-based startup recently raised $65 million in an effort to grow and develop its recruiting software as it acquires LinkedIn and similar recruiting companies. The company’s software, called “Talent 360,” is a ramped-up version of LinkedIn and draws information from the public domain, along with information about potential candidates from GitHub and LinkedIn. Data such as patents and research documents. The software also has data-based decision-making capabilities such as whether a candidate already has a security clearance or not and includes a variety of filters.

Why it is important to your business:

Seeking out appears to be a great utility for businesses to consider returning from a pandemic slowdown to shop. Finding good employees will be a top priority in 2021, and I expect many tools like this to be available to help employers.

3 – Small businesses introduced new software in 2020 and increased the technology budget in 2021.

According to recently released data by Software Consulting and SCORE, small business owners share that the new software introduced by the coronavirus outbreak in 2020 helped the company to increase productivity by 47% and increase its sales by 45%. has helped. The data showed that it helped 42% of business owners reduce their software costs and improve customer engagement by up to 45%. According to the same data, 45% of business owners are planning to increase their technology investments this year. (Source: Yahoo Finance)

Why it is important to your business:

Yes, the cloud really works. I was telling this to my clients many years ago. But ultimately they needed a pandemic to work. Now we all have benefited.

4 – Experts ready for wave of hacks involving Microsoft email vulnerabilities.

Cyber security and White House experts are preparing for attacks related to software vulnerabilities that surfaced at Microsoft last week. Experts also fear that additional loopholes have been discovered and exploited by apparent spies in China who have infiltrated networks on the Internet. Hacking attacks use tools that allow cybercriminals to access email servers and access inboxes and user information without sending links or malicious emails. Although the victims of these attacks were reported all over the world, most of the attacks took place in the United States (Source: Thomas Reuters Foundation News)

Why it is important to your business:

If you use enterprise Outlook and Exchange, you may be affected. Stay tuned and check out the latest Microsoft information on this issue here.

5 – The beginning of the flight of this taxi is 2 years old.

Taxi startup Volocopter recently raised nearly $241M in funding and shares nearly 2 years away from the start of air taxi operations. The company continues to position itself in the hope that taxis can be used in cities and that electric air taxis are ready to go at the 2024 Olympics. and with the aim of taking the services to Helsinki, Asia, Europe and the United States. (Source: Tech Crunch)

Why it is important to your business:

Considering how unsafe I feel in a taxi on the ground, it can take me a long time to board a taxi traveling by plane. But I’m sure that won’t stop me from using the many services that may become a standard in the years to come.

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