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Here Are Some Common Pest Birds

Here are some Common Pest Birds


Here Are Some Common Pest Birds

Birds are a beautiful part of our natural environment, but many troublesome birds can ruin that beauty which harms homes and property through their manure, spread disease, and disturb our peace with noisy noses and endless cheeks. Pigeons, starlings, seagulls, and house sparrows are the most common pests in our area. Troubled birds cause millions of dollars each year. Bird droppings are very dangerous and eat roofing and other building materials. They pollute food, water, and anything else they touch. They also carry germs that cause disease, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, lice and other biting insects. So, you need quick pest control service to keep them away.

Dung and pigeon nests are a medical problem because they have more diseases. Some of these include histoplasmosis, chlamydiosis, and salmonella. Its manure is also acidic and can damage many different areas. House sparrows can be a major problem in urban areas because of breeding, food, and lifestyle. Water pipes and drainage pipes sealed with sparrows or starling nests can support and cause serious water damage. Hire the bird control services today.

Some Of The Common Pest Birds That Spread Diseases And Germs Are As Listed Below.

1. Pigenos

Although pigeons love grain, they will prefer to eat human food more because they have relied on people for food and shelter, they will gather in places where they can get food.

In the cities, pigeons congregate where people feed: parks, restaurants, and around the garbage dumps.

In rural areas, they often congregate near farms, food mills and cereals, and food crops.

Diseases Caused By Pigeons 

• Transmission of diseases includes cryptococcosis, food poisoning.

• In addition to transmitting disease and giving damage to the structure, their droppings can cause slip and fall.

Pigeons can carry insects such as fleas, lice and ticks. So, keep them away from your home by hiring a Perth Pest Control Service.

2. Sparrows

Sparrows prefer whole grain foods, but they will eat vegetables, fruits and flowers, as well as litter and spilled food. They can be a major problem, especially in crowded places. The sparrows can be a ferocious insect all year round.

Diseases Caused By Sparrows

  1. These can cause extensive damage to gardens and may even eliminate desirable songbirds.

2. It can be a major problem in rural areas where they will eat and contaminate fodder.

3. Sparrow Nests are usually built, on, or near buildings, where they can cause second-degree insect invasion and fire hazards.

4. Breeding sparrows can increase the population from a few spring birds to a large number during the summer.

5. Their droppings will damage and damage buildings and are difficult to remove.

6. They can carry and spread the West Nile virus.

3. European Starlings

Starlings prefer to eat larvae, but also eat seeds, fruit from trees, and litter and waste food. They roam in herds and are often found in trees or in enclosed canals, providing drinking water.

Diseases Caused By Starlings

• Like other troublesome birds, starlings can destroy buildings, and when they lie down in a flock, they may cause considerable damage.

• Sewage can contaminate the soil. It leads to disease transmission such as histoplasmosis.

• Starlings are involved in aviation accidents, caused by air strikes. 

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