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Here Are The Richest Tech Billionaires In 2021


Here Are The Richest Tech Billionaires In 2021

Dog markets have surged in the wake of the government crash that began in February 2020, which has helped maximize the wealth of the world’s billionaires. But no ultrarich group has benefited as much as tech millionaires — worth $2.5 trillion on Forbes’ 2021 world millionaires list, up 80% from $1.4 trillion a year ago.

This year Forbes has got 365 millionaires, which is more than 241 last year. With 371 billionaires – the second largest billionaire industry after finance and investment. But the overall rule of its Ultrach is higher than any other field. Millionaires have a net worth of $2.5 trillion which translates to a total of $1.7 trillion for fashion and retail, and over $1.5 trillion in total for financial fortune and investments.

The main reason for the dominance of technology comes from the high quality of inventory. The 20 richest tech titans alone are worth $1.2 trillion, which is almost 50% of the total net worth of all the millionaires in their industry. And 8 of the top 20 richest people in the world and 6 of the top 10 are technology tycoons.

While the United States is still home to some of the richest technology billionaires, China’s booming Internet industry has propelled a new generation of technology moguls to the top. Today, 9 out of 20 rich people in technology are from China, up from 6 last year.

Amazon founder will no longer be CEO at the end of the year. In February, Bezos announced that he would be stepping down in the third quarter of 2021 to focus on other projects including his Galaxy company Blue Origin, The Washington Post and other charitable initiatives such as the Amazon Day 1 Fund. By 2020, its $10 billion Bezos Earth Fund will provide $791 million to 16 climate change nonprofits.

Although Gates featured in Forbes’ list of the world’s two richest people for the first time since 2008, he crossed the $100 billion mark for the first time this year. The Microsoft cofounder’s fortune rose to $26 billion, with shares of the company rising 66%, with tractor maker Deer & Co. in February saying it would pay $2 billion to companies working toward zero emissions. Had been.

Facebook was one of the most important platforms for communication during the pandemic, but it took on the inherent nature of the road. Zuckerberg testified before Congress last summer about (almost) potentially disappointing breaches, then again in March about Facebook’s role in spreading misinformation and terrorism. The company is particularly under fire for its role in enforcing the January 6 uprising on Capitol Hill. Its philanthropic and advocacy organization, the San Zuckerberg Initiative, announced a $500 million pledge in December to support efforts to achieve racial equality.

Ellison is a leading figure in the technology movement from the San Francisco Bay Area to new hotspots like Texas and Florida. In his case, Oracle, the software company he met in 1977, moved its headquarters to Austin, Texas, while Ellison told employees he was moving to Hawaii. In 2012, the chancellor paid $300 million to purchase Lanai Island in Hawaii, which was converted into a laboratory for health and wellness. Trump’s closest ally, more than tech moguls, Ellison was a key figure behind the Oracle deal to acquire the operations of social networking site Dictok in the United States, though the deal has yet to take place.

The Google co-founder hasn’t garnered much attention since stepping down from the management of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, in late 2019. Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai appeared with Zuckerberg at congressional hearings in March and last summer. The pair still have more than 50% of Alphabet’s voting rights, allowing them to exercise control over the company’s decisions.

Palmer is the owner of America’s richest sports team, thanks to the fortune he has made during his time at Microsoft, where he served as CEO from 2000 to 2014. His basketball team is expected to break new ground with the Los Angeles Clippers for $1 billion. . This year, Palmer bought Forum in the UK for $400 million in 2020. The Palmer Group, a philanthropic organization he founded with his wife Connie, donated $54 million last year to various government-19 relief projects.

Like Facebook and Google in the United States, Chinese Internet company Bonnie Ma faces pressure when her homeland tries to control the power of big tech companies. Shares of Tencent, led by Ma, continued to fall after rising in January as the company’s digital payments became a target of regulators. However, Tencent’s strong performance, particularly in the gaming business, helped Ma establish himself as China’s richest technocrat, and second richest person overall (after breakout water billionaire Zhang Shanxun).

Online Discount co-founder Pinduoduo raked in $38.8 billion last year as his company became China’s largest e-commerce platform for active users in March—six years after it launched in 2015. Last July, Huang resigned as CEO; In March, he abruptly resigned as chairman and submitted his vote to the board. Huang asked participants to turn their attention to food research and life sciences.

Since her ex-husband Jeff Bezos acquired a quarter of Amazon’s divorce settlement in 2019, Scott has begun to give it away at a rate and speed that has surpassed all other philanthropists in the United States. . His charitable donation reached $5.8 billion last year when he donated $4.1 billion to nearly 400 organizations providing relief to Americans during charity. In March, it was revealed that Scott had remarried after attending to his new wife’s vows to him.

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