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How the Everlasting Comfort Amazon Bath Pillow Can Offer Support, Relaxation, and Relief


How the Everlasting Comfort Amazon Bath Pillow Can Offer Support, Relaxation, and Relief

Neck and back pain is no joke – when so many of us spend countless hours hunched over the computer for work, it is no wonder our poor posture results in a crick in our neck by the end of the day. You will find some relief from improving your posture, stretching, and exercise, but what if there were a simple way to soothe the aching muscles in your neck to provide relief? 

Try taking a bath. When you submerge yourself in warm water, it is reminiscent of the womb. Stress melts away, and you’ll find peace. If your back and neck are sore, leaning against the hard side of the tub for long periods can further aggravate these symptoms. The Everlasting Comfort amazon bath pillow provides support for your neck and shoulders by creating a barrier between you and the hard porcelain surface of your tub.  Finally, you can let go of all that tension and unwind in the warm water. A bath can be the ultimate form of relaxation.


Lounging in the bath without the proper support can strain your neck muscles. You don’t want to engage your neck while you bathe. The human head weighs about 11lbs! No wonder your neck is tired after holding up your head all day. Take a breather. 

Let The Everlasting Comfort amazon bath pillow solve this problem by giving you a plush supportive pad to lean against while you bathe. The pillow will mold itself to your body’s contours allowing you to relax your back and neck. Releasing all the stress, you hold in those areas of your body. 

Unlike a rolled-up towel, the Everlasting Comfort amazon bath pillow stays in place. It won’t slide away from you as you lean back against the side of the tub. You won’t have to constantly adjust your position or end the bath early due to a neck or back spasm. Sink into the plush cushion the pad provides and finally find the time to relax. 

Simply attach your bath pillow to your tub with the four strong suction cups before you fill the tub with water. The design of the bath pillow makes it easy to adjust so that you can find the most comfortable position for your head, neck, and shoulders. 


It can be tempting to fall into a pattern of non-stop work, but it is essential to take some time to relax. Stress can manifest in both physical and mental symptoms. In fact, stress may be the root cause of the neck and shoulder pain you’ve been experiencing. While it can feel like there is never enough time, indulging in a bit of self-care can increase your focus and energy. 

If you have difficulty turning your mind off at the end of the day or struggle with insomnia, consider adding a bath to your evening routine. A long soak can actually help you sleep better. By submerging yourself in warm water, you help regulate your internal temperature. As you cool off afterward, your body will produce melatonin, also known as the sleep hormone. A bath could help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. 

When you upgrade your evening routine to include a bath with an Everlasting Comfort amazon bath pillow, it will almost feel like you’ve visited a spa– without leaving the comfort of home. The warm steam will help raise your body temperature and force your lungs to take deeper breaths. These steady inhales will allow you to sink deeper into a relaxed state against your soft bath pillow. 

Since you’re breathing deeper, why not further elevate your bath experience with some aromatherapy? Dim the lights and light a lavender-scented candle. Lean back against your luxurious pillow and let the soothing fragrance melt away all the tension in your neck, back, and shoulders. 


Taking a warm bath oxygenates the blood and improves circulation throughout your body. While you lean against your pillow, your blood will flow more freely towards your muscles, easing tension.  Adding Epsom salts is another way to make a normal bath extraordinary. 

Epsom salts are a naturally occurring mineral scientifically proven to help alleviate muscle aches and pains. Let the Epsom salts release the tension in your neck and shoulders after spending all day hunched over your computer or looking down at your phone. Try adding 300 grams to your bath after a long workout. You’ll find yourself less sore the following day. 

It can be challenging to get comfortable when you suffer from pain in your neck and back. Don’t let this prevent you from reaping the health benefits of a bath. Ease tension using the Everlasting Comfort amazon bath pillow and indulge in a long soak. 

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