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How to buy led lights from China? (Led Import Guide in 2022)


How to buy led lights from China? (Led Import Guide in 2022)

When we do lighting business, we have to know where we can get high quality products. Stable supply sources are very important.

China has the entire LED lighting industry chain. Normally lighting material includes lighting sources, housing profile, and driver. Customers from all over the world buy LED lights from China. So if you are a buyer, you should think about importing led light from china.

So if you want to learn the basic skill of buying led lights from China. You are in the right place.

We will let you know step by step how to import goods from China. And we hope you will be our business partner in the future.

Research the local market

There are many types of led lights on the market. tube light, magnetic light, led aluminum profile, led cabinet light, chandeliers and pendant lights, street lights, led stage lights, holiday lights, table lamps and reading lamps, garden lights, emergency lights, etc. . Here just some of the popular lights.

So before contacting your Chinese supplier, we need to research the local market. 1, what kinds of LED lights are needed in the market? 2, what is the price in local market? You must make a list that will be useful to you in business.

Typically, the Offer Price from China-led manufacturers at least 50% cheaper than what you find in the local market. That is why many people buy LED lights from China.

Research is very important. If you select the correct item, you will have a 50% success rate. Because now the LED lights market is a growth spurt of the market. You need to focus on the right and hot products. Don’t waste your time on some low-profit items. As now led aluminum profile and led linear light is very hot in home decoration light market. You can get customers easier than normal lighting bulbs.

Find provider online

If you come to China to visit the supplier or go to China local led lighting market, sometimes you need to plan the visa, air ticket, hotel and train. We need to make a careful plan. You need to plan a few days a week for China. Therefore, it is not convenient to find manufacturers for the first time in this way.

The most convenient way is to find a LED light supplier online. This is the fastest way to find a lighting manufacturer that can meet your needs and find more information.

You can use Google or Bing to search what you what to find.

Exactly keyword will help you find a reliable supplier. If you are looking for LED strip lights, the keyword should be “china led light suppliers”, “China LED strip light manufacturer”, “China LED strip light factory”. In the same way, if you want to search LED aluminum profile supplier, the keyword should be “China LED aluminum profile factory”, “China LED aluminum profile manufacturer”, “China led aluminum profile supplier”.

In this way, you can find some of the most famous brand suppliers in China. Check their website, list contact information, send them an inquiry. Then you will get more information about the product from the market.

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