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How To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles And Everything Else You Need To Know

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How To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles And Everything Else You Need To Know

Not all Australian insects are environment protectors. Some are fabric eater and bloodsucker. Beetles roam around in search of blood and laying eggs. Carpets are more prone to dust and hair on the floor, so it is easy to breed beetles in the carpet or under the carpet. Because of that, mites and other insects are also easy to breed. It doesn’t feel good to have a beetle-like insect on the carpet. Therefore, let’s understand the identity of troublesome insects that may reoccur even if they are vacuumed and how to properly get rid of them.

What Is Australian Carpet Beetles Look Like?

Australian Carpet Beetles are long about 3mm to 5mm (about the size of a pinhead) and come in the varieties of colour. Some of them are darker black in black or brown in colour and black spots with light backgrounds. Carpet Beetles eat carpet, similar products and breed slowly.

4 Points To Get Rid Of Beetles And Clean Your Carpet

1. Vacuum Carpet

As a first step, you should vacuum the carpet, rugs, furniture. Beetles hide in a dark place like under the furniture and carpet. Vacuum the entire possible place. Unfold the folds and vacuum from the edges and all the corners of carpet.

2. Steam Vacuum

 Maybe a normal vacuum is not enough. Use the Steam cleaning process in the same area where you have done vacuum. Steaming cleaning gives heat and moisture to the carpet. The heat will help a lot to remove beetles and eggs from the carpet.

3. Use Boric Acid

Using a pesticide is good to remove all remaining beetles and mites from the carpets. Sprinkle some boric acid on the carpet and leave it for a few hours. Boric acid is easily available. After 2-3 hours, vacuum the residue and dispose the dust in the separate bag and throw it. Do not keep the bag in the house, they will enter the home again.

4. Clean The Pantry

A messy pantry is where Beetles found the food to live. Clean pantry is essential. Check all the food storage areas (pantry, garage, fridge, etc). If you notice a sign of small bugs around the food, then throw away grains, flour and other items from where they are prevalent. Wipe all the shelves and cabinets with a regular household cleaner. Do not spray pesticides on the food storage area. It is unnecessary and causes more harm than insects. When changing food, store it in a closed plastic or glass container.

Book Pest Control Service For Best Help

It is common to find pests like Beetles, fleas, mothes, etc at home. The possibility increases if you have a pet at home. It is good to contact the professionals who can understand the problem and solve it. Micks Pest Control Sydney understands gives you the best Rat Control Sydney. We use safe and effective solutions that make your home beetle-free. Give us a chance and experience our high-quality service. 

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