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How To Turn Your Fantastic Story Ideas Into Great Story Writing


How To Turn Your Fantastic Story Ideas Into Great Story Writing

You’ve got several in your head and you’re interested in learning how to create a memorable story.Maybe you’re looking to write romance novels as well as crime and detective or science fiction.But If you’re new to writing creatively and writing fiction, you should know number of typical mistakes you must avoid.Let’s explore how to start.

How to write a fantastic story?

If you’re an aspiring writer who plans to publish short stories or be an author published it is essential to write an engaging story that can keep the reader’s attention. Yes, you need good writing skills.Two of the most common traps for new authors when they start fiction writing are to narrate too much and to overuse the passive voice.These two mistakes make it impossible to adopt the golden rule of fiction writing, which is show show, don’t tell.In other phrases, you need to allow your characters’ actions and thoughts reveal to the reader what’s happening.Don’t be a victim of writing lengthy passages in narration. Alternatively, you can use your choice from writing components to communicate to your reader.A person doesn’t need explanations. The reader is looking to be able to relate, empathize and be enticed to the tale by your characters.It isn’t a matter of what kind the story or genre you write.But If you’re looking to create a compelling story start by making a solid plan and establishing your story structure.With planning, you’ll be less likely to be suffering from periods of writer’s block which means that your words will continue flowing.

1. Begin collecting story ideas

It doesn’t matter if are looking to write a brief story or a long novel.Your first step is to find great ideas you can transform into a captivating story.Any kind of writing or storytelling begins with an excellent idea. are able to find ideas or story ideas by looking for essay prompts on the internet. Or you can use one of the many websites that have automated story generators.Typically, you should write your story idea into one or two sentences, as in the examples below.Lorna is a young scullery maid from London who falls in love with her best friend. They break up after her friend is told by his father to be sent away to the sea. Lorna is unable to stop herself from grieving her loss. After she’s forty married and divorced she makes a trip to India.Marie was happy to be married, she believed, until the day when her husband was unlucky with his email address and she got his message aimed at his mistress. The woman doesn’t go after him over the issue, but rather thinks about her revenge.You do not have to make use of names. You can write your rough notes using names of topics. The main character is a victim of …, in love with another character, is … The villainous character begins receiving …, after having a relationship when she finds out that …, that a family member is hiding something, … or … only to discover that she has been already married.No matter what genre or genres you’re looking to write, whether it’s sci-fi or crime, horror or even fantasy. It is important to spend time searching for the best possibilities.Make an outline of all your novel and short stories ideas, and select the top ones.Now choose the top one, and you’re ready to begin writing.

2. Plan and select your plot

In his book from 2004, The Seven Basic Plots: The Reasons We Tell Stories, Christopher Booker states that the majority of stories have one of seven story lines.It is important to consider what one is best suited to your story best.Overcoming the Monster The protagonist attempts to defeat any antagonistic power (often evil) that threatens the protagonist or his homeland.Rags to riches
The weak protagonist gains the power of wealth and status or an mate, then is sacked, then gets it back, and grows in character as a result.The Quest
The protagonist and his friends are on the lookout for an important object or reach a specific location. They encounter temptations and obstacles on the way.Voyage and return
The protagonist travels to a new land, and, once they have fought off the challenges it brings against them, returns to the same place with experience.Comedy
A humorous and light-hearted character that has an optimistic or happy ending A dramatic piece with a central theme that is triumph over a challenging circumstances, leading to the most successful or joyful conclusion.Booker insists that comedy goes beyond comedy. It is a form of expression in which the conflict gets ever more complicated until it eventually it is clarified by a single event that clarifies the situation. The majority of romantic films belong to this category.Tragedy
The character flaw of the protagonist, or major error, which results in their downfall. Their tragic end is a source of pity at their foolishness and the demise of an incredibly good character.Rebirth
A situation can force the protagonist to change their behaviour and in the end, they become an improved person.Make sure you are aware of the kind of plot you intend to write before you begin writing. This will allow you to keep your focus on the story you want to tell. The Maltese Poodle Maltipoo Mix Complete Guide

Create your outline for your story

If you’ve ever been in a writing class and your teacher probably informed you that the most compelling stories start with a plan, or sketch.You begin with a story idea. However, you must structure your story into a coherent flow with an opening, middle, and an end.Choose your most compelling idea from the prompts for your story. Follow the steps to formulate your idea. It is possible to utilize bullet points as well as a list of important events, or even a sequence of brief sentences. It is possible to include names of characters or places, and maybe description as well.Think about how your story might develop and what you can do to create increasing tension, or rising action which will eventually result in a dramatic conclusion. The most important thing is to ensure you know how the story will end.You might find that certain writers prefer to write without a plan , and that their characters lead the story.It could work for certain writers. But I’ve found through my experience with this approach that it’s extremely easy to lose your way. In fact, it is much easier to be lost in your story completely.My experiences were that of having was spending many more hours rewriting and fixing plot issues. A well-planned plan could have avoided all the problems. One of the best ways to create your plan is to utilize the outline method that is based on snowflakes.Of every writing advice I can offer writers who are new, one is to be a good idea to plan to write well.Another method to expand and enhance your outline for writing a novel is to consider creating an e-book. It’s a great method to add more details, create dialogue, and to become the main character’s head.Now you’re nearly done with writing your novel.

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