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Impact of Digital Technology on Society and Economic Growth


Impact of Digital Technology on Society and Economic Growth

Technological discoveries, inventions, and technical applications employed inside communities to execute specific jobs have both aided and hampered ancient and modern human civilizations. Technological advancements have become required for societies to exist and grow, but human societies’ culture, goals, and ambitions have affected how those civilizations have generated, profited from, and been hampered by technology.

Technology influences our everyday life. Our settings are all so full of technology that most of the time we take it for granted and don’t realize how much of an influence it has on us until we don’t have a phone, transportation, water, or energy. Technological advancements have significantly raised our level of living. Even though we are now having very high inflation rates and very high unemployment rates, people are typically eating better, dressing better, and living more comfortably.

The Effects of Technology

Here are some of the effects of technology on society and economy.

Expectations of Customer

Consumers’ high expectations provide a challenge to the corporate community. It creates opportunities for businesses. Consumers demand new product types that are higher in quality, free of pollution, safer, and more comfortable to be manufactured and delivered to them promptly.

Business and Technology Interaction

 The impact of technology may be seen via business. Scientific findings have little or no relevance unless competent business units are in place to provide what science has revealed for people. Society relies on business to keep the tide of discovery going in the direction of valuable commodities and services for humanity.

Without corporate organizations, discoveries would be nothing more than thoughts in one’s head, sketches on paper, or models in laboratories. As a result, business and technology are inextricably linked.

Social Changes

The impact of technology on social change may be explored in several ways, including

  • Technological advancement Sometimes societal upheavals uproot the population, and individuals move about in quest of new work opportunities. This drafting may occasionally result in a new population geographical distribution.
  • Technology has a direct impact on the pattern of social life. Technological growth tends to eliminate socioeconomic distinctions, as well as distinctions between sexes and between parents and children.
  • MNCs are the primary conduits for technology transfer to developing nations. With a plethora of resources at their disposal. MNCs have carved out different identities and images for themselves in comparison to local businesses. People who work for multinational corporations (MNCs) are paid more than those who work for small businesses. These folks act as though they are in a different class.
  • Finally, technology has an impact on our daily lives. Even the language we speak is evolving. New phrases are constantly being coined. It is true that words are the seeds of social transformation. When our language changes, our behavior follows suit.

Agriculture Has Been Mechanized Due to Technological Advances

Agriculture has been automated through technology: Modern agricultural technology enables a small group of workers to produce large amounts of food in a short period of time with little input, resulting in high yields and RIO (return on investment). Small and medium-sized farmers have been able to obtain ploughing, sowing, watering, and harvesting machinery thanks to government incentives. The application of technology in agriculture has also led to the development of genetic crops that can grow quickly and are resistant to a variety of pests and illnesses.

Transportation has benefited from technological advancements.

Transportation has been enhanced by technology: Transportation is a fundamental sector of technical activity. The new techniques of transportation have helped both society and enterprises. Transportation allows people and products to move around. Transportation, like all other technology, may be thought of as a whole. It is made up of interconnected pieces. These components all work together to achieve a common purpose. Vehicles, trains, aircraft, motorcycles, people, roads, energy, information, materials, finance, and time are all used in transportation.

Technology has enhanced communication.

Communication has been improved through technology: Communication serves a variety of functions. Communication is essential for both society and companies in order to communicate information. People communicate with one another through the use of technology. Electronic media such as radios, TVs, the internet, and social media have changed the way we communicate ideas that can help our civilizations evolve. In many nations, radios and TVs are utilized to express societal problems; they provide live forums where members of the community may participate via mobile phones or text communication systems such as tweeter.

Technology has aided in the advancement of education and learning.

Technology has aided in the advancement of education and learning: Every economy is built on education. People require well-organized educational infrastructures in order to learn how to comprehend information. Many schools have begun to integrate instructional technologies into their classrooms with the goal of changing the way pupils learn. Smart whiteboards, laptops, mobile phones, iPods, projectors, and the internet are being utilized in classrooms to increase students’ motivation to study.

Technology does not only help students while studying in the classroom. It helps them everywhere even though it has brought the schools at home. With the help of technology, students can even learn everything at home. For example, a student wants to learn the dissertation writing process then he/she can find the cheap dissertation writing service with the help of technology in just 5 minutes which can provide better knowledge about the dissertation writing.

Productivity Growth, Both Qualitative and Quantitative

The most major benefit of technology is increased productivity. More output at a lower cost is an example of quantitative growth. In a hospital, the effect might be qualitative, such as keeping electronic monitoring equipment in place regardless of cost.

Employees’ actual salaries rise as productivity rises, but the prices of some things fall. As a result, the benefits of technology permeate across the entire social structure. As a result, there is a greater desire for technical innovation.

Need for Bio-Professional and Multi-Professional Managers

Those in charge of administration must be qualified in management education as well as be proficient in their chosen fields of specialty. Bio-professional and multi-professional management are required in today’s cheap assignment help industry.

Changes in Technology’s Impact on Products and Organizations

Technology is synonymous with change and more change. This creates another stumbling block for the business community. A new technology may create a new industry, but it may also kill an existing one.In today’s changing world, every product, like a mortal human being, has a life cycle, as seen in the diagram. Even an organization affiliated with a certain technology will follow the same life cycle as the technology.

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