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Indian Visa For Portuguese And Hong Kong Citizens

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Indian Visa For Portuguese And Hong Kong Citizens

Having an Indian visa can make your trip to India more exciting. If you’re a Portuguese or Hong Kong citizen, this guide will show you how to apply online for eVisa India. In addition, it will explain what documents you need to bring, how long you can stay in India, and what legal recourse you have if your visa is revoked, denied, or canceled.

eVisa India

If you are a Portuguese or Hong Kong citizen, then you can visit India without a visa with the electronic Indian Visa Online, or eVisa India. This electronic visa does not require you to send any documents to the Indian embassy, and it does not require you to have a stamp in your passport. You can submit your documents online or by email, and eVisa is a great way to avoid the hassle of couriering them to India’s embassy.

eVisa India for Portuguese citizens can be processed online within a few minutes. Typically, you’ll need to provide a few documents to get your visa processed. You can either upload these documents to your eVisa application, or email them to our Customer Support team. You can provide additional details later on. This step should only take you two or three minutes.

Documents required

There are many documents required for obtaining an Indian visa for Portuguese and Hong Kong citizens. Applicants must submit their passports, itinerary and accommodation arrangements in a detailed format. Additionally, they must provide personal details of sponsors and relatives (names, addresses, telephone numbers). In certain cases, additional information may be required by the concerned officer. Information about obtaining a tourist visa to India is available on the HKSAR’s website.

In the case of a film crew, the document requirements may be different. In this case, the Portuguese passport holder must provide a letter of invitation from the host country, proof of lodging and round-trip ticket. For more details, the Portuguese consular service can help. The decision to grant the visa depends on the Portuguese border police. The officers determine whether a visitor presents a threat to Portugal or Schengen territory. Depending on the type of visa applied for, the Portuguese passport holder must provide evidence of previous performances or achievements (such as winning certificates or world/international rankings).

Experiencing a long stay in India

Experiencing a long stay in a country is not difficult if you have a valid passport. While some countries do not require a visa upon arrival, you will need one throughout your stay. You can apply for an eVisa online, which can be processed in less than 20 minutes. Make sure you check this page regularly for updates. Portuguese and Hong Kong citizens are eligible for this visa, but must have a passport issued by the government of their home country.

Legal remedies against decisions to refuse, annul or revoke a visa

Applicants who are refused or have their visas annulled or revoked can appeal the decision to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They must appeal within three months of the decision. If the appeal is denied, they can also file an appeal to the competent court. An appeal can be filed by filing a written application. Appeals must be made within 30 days of the decision’s notification. A visa holder can file the appeals himself or through a representative. There is a 20 EUR fee to process the appeal and for review.

An appeal letter should include an introduction to the writer, stating his full name, place of birth, passport number and date of application. The letter should also state the reason for visiting India. If the decision is based on the fact that you booked your flight tickets, the letter should state that you booked them. A dummy flight ticket can be booked if you are denied an official flight ticket.

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