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Is the Rose Toy Waterproof, Can It Be Used in Water?

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Is the Rose Toy Waterproof, Can It Be Used in Water?

This rose sex toy was dubbed one of the best sex toys and rose toy with tongue has gone viral for a good reason: it boasts extremely intense air pleasure technology that users describe as extra-intense. When I saw rave reviews for #TheRoseToy under the hashtags #YoniRose and #TheRoseToy on the app, I knew I had to try it.

I’m a sex-pert and a reviewer. My job is to stay on top of sex toy trends, which means I’ve seen plenty of must-try viral sex toys in my time, but more often than not, they don’t deliver what they promise.

There are a few other rose sex toys like pink rose toy available that promise to be similar, but this review is of the Lovehoney rose sex toy. Is my Rose sex toy review going to buck the trend and prove otherwise? And while you’re here two great sex toys for couplesthat use suction as well) are totally worth checking out.

  • WATERPROOF: Take it to your bathroom or enjoy inside the bedroom, the waterproof design has got you covered.
  • The Skin-Friendly Silicone Highly Comfortable Design: Certified for the highest comfort, the product is made of silicon-friendly siilicone. Hence, it’s soft and smooth to touch and free from odours.
  • Fast CHARGING Comes along with a USB magnetic charging feature. This allows charging the product quicker for back to back pleasure. Connect it to your computer, phone charger or power bank, it’s compatible with all three.
  • Silent Vibration Modes: You get to feel the 10 different vib modes with the silent feature to protect your privacy.

How to keep it maintained and clean?

Being fully waterproof and bath friendly, the Lovehoney pink rose toy can be washed in warm water and your standard antibacterial wash.

Plus, as above, the petals (aka clitoral nozzle) can be removed, meaning you can pop this off to clean under the suction attachment. Wondering how to clean your sex toys(opens in new tab) properly? You’re in the right place.

Ruby Payne from Uber Kinky said: “Sex toys fall under the very broad range of consumer product safety regulation, and they have no requirements specifically aimed at the design and creation of sex toys.

“Because of this lack of regulations, many toys are made from unknown materials, rose toy with tongue, possibly containing toxic chemicals, which are then bought and used by oblivious pleasure seekers. The best thing buyers can do is to only buy from reputable and legit sex toy companies.”

Rose Sex Toys Features:

  1. Cute rose shape
  2. Suction sensations
  3. Waterproof
  4. Rechargeable
  5. Body Safe Silicone
  6. Leads to clitoral orgasm
  7. Tapping vibration sensation as well as air pleasure tech
  8. Texture from petals
  9. Removable petals to expand clitoral area and great for easy cleanin.

My Rose sex toy initially wouldn’t turn on (I thought I’d received a dud). That said, after pressing a combination of buttons, I realised it was in travel lock mode – yep, who knew? (Top tip for you: simply press and hold the two buttons to take the sex toy out of travel mode).

The answer is, it’s up to you and your sexual tastes. Sometimes we all just want something pretty in our lives: that’s how I feel about the Lovehoney Rose. It may not be the most powerful suction clitoral vibrator or live up to its viral hype, but it does the job whilst also looking aesthetically pleasing, too. 

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