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LED Lighting and Medical Device Manufacturers Benefit From JHDPCB’s Custom PCB Services



LED Lighting and Medical Device Manufacturers Benefit From JHDPCB’s Custom PCB Services

If you are looking for a custom printed circuit board (PCB), you have come to the right place. JHDPCB is an experienced company with advanced technology and an efficient management team. It has a long-term strategic cooperation with global leading companies, including LED lighting and medical device manufacturers. The company is open to receiving Gerber data, Schematics, PowerPCB format, and assembly drawings. Simply upload the files in the appropriate formats, including multiple files and compressed formats, and JHDPCB will produce your PCB for you.


There are several options available when it comes to ordering PCBs from JHDPCB. For example, you can order by hand or have your order automatically routed. If you want your PCBs to be automatically routed, you can choose to use the Auto Router. The Auto Router is a feature that allows you to provide the details of your order and then the program will automatically route them. You will receive a PCB layout, which includes the Gerber, BoM, and CPL files.


JHDPCB provides electronic manufacturing and PCB assembly services. Its products have wide applications in consumer electronics, automotive electronics, LED displays, security, and more. Customers can choose from full-turnkey or partial-turnkey services, and the quick process ensures that urgent project deadlines are met. In addition, the company provides excellent quality and rapid turnaround. Listed below are some of the companies that have benefited from the company’s services.


The most important characteristics of LED PCB are its high heat dissipation and low heat generation. They are also fully recyclable and free from any hazardous materials. The copper thickness of LED PCB varies from 18um to 105um. There are different solder mask colors for LED PCB. There are Super white, blue-white, and milky white. If you want to have a beautiful LED lighting, choose a round panel PCB.

JHD multilayer PCB

The multilayer PCB is built by joining layers together at high temperatures and high pressures. Prepreg layers and core layers are melted together under high pressure and temperature, and the result is a rigid board. After manufacturing, the board is cooled down to form a single, solid unit. This technique can be used for a variety of electronic applications. In some cases, it is used in high-end consumer electronics and industrial applications.


In this day and age, the digital world is becoming more complicated and hardware is becoming more miniaturized. HDI PCBs help solve this problem by allowing more interconnections in smaller areas. The benefits of HDI PCBs are many, including decreased cost and complexity and miniaturization of the boards. In addition to PCB manufacturing, HDI technology is used for a variety of consumer products, including MP3 players, mobile phones, and game consoles.

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