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Use UV Packaging to Make Your Candle Boxes Secure

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Use UV Packaging to Make Your Candle Boxes Secure

Packaging for all sorts of products is one of the essential factors that help elevate businesses’ sales. When it comes to candle boxes, it is the only medium for marketers to promote their goods among consumers and ultimately ensure the protection of products. These boxes are manufactured of high-quality materials such as cardboard and Kraft that are sturdy and can be customized in any desired format.

Significance of design

The protection of the manufactured products always matters as no consumer will ever desire to be handed with damaged and shattered products. Product manufacturers are always looking for ultimate tactics that can help them keep the products secured dynamically and ensure the vivid visibility of the products in the market. Marketing products such as candles are complex due to wax’s sensitive nature, which becomes soft and can quickly get damaged. custom candle boxes manufactured of cardboard can always be perfect in protecting the products as these boxes are superior in protective nature and can effectively promote the effects due to the customizable nature of the design.

Luxury candle boxes wholesale are also perfect to justify the price point of expensive items and keep all sorts of contaminating factors away from the products in an excellent way. It is always crucial to design these boxes creatively, along with using different laminations that can help in elevating the appeal of products and ultimately ensuring the integrity of products. The printing options for candle boxes with no minimum order are also effective. They can enable the product manufacturers to print their branding themes on the boxes to raise business reach.

What is UV Coating?

UV or Ultraviolet is a clear compound applied to printed or unprinted paper when wet. Once the wet sheets of paper are passed through the ultraviolet layer, the compound dries and gives a glossy look to the paper. These papers contain many compounds such as Polyethylene, Kaolinite, and Calcium Carbonate. These compounds are highly refined and then mixed with Viscosifiers that adhere to paper sheets. These layers are coated once the printing is done, as it is the final layer that elevates the feel of the packaging. A wide array of options are available in these laminations, which can vary upon reflectivity and thickness. Moreover, spot UV lamination is also available for different packaging formats to make a specific spot reflective.

Benefits of using them

The visuals and the securing UV coating provided packaging boxes makes them a perfect option that should be opted to elevate the functionality creatively. From securing the products to promoting the vivid packaging appeal, here are the top benefits of using this coating.

Draw the attention

UV coating is a perfect way to draw consumers’ attention in the market as it helps the packaging stand out from all. It provides the packaging with a beautiful glossy and attractive look that is sheen and alluring. From business cards to black candle box wholesale supplies, the layer can help to give a smooth and pleasant tactile experience to the consumers due to the smoothness of the coating.

Security in an ultimate manner

The feel of the packaging is an essential factor that can elevate the experience of any design. Still, once the security and protection of printed details come to mind, the UV coating is also matchless there. This coating is once cured under ultraviolet light. It converts semi-hard and can be helpful to resist heat, scratches, rubbing, abrasion, and smudging. Mailer and candle boxes for shipping can be coated with this layer to enhance the functionality and provide a competitive advantage to the design.


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