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Small guide to holidays in Puglia

Vacanza Puglia


Small guide to holidays in Puglia

Summer has now broken out and you are rushing to book your next and upcoming holidays. This year you have no doubts: you will spend your holidays in Puglia. You have heard so much about it from friends and relatives who went there recently: crystal clear sea, relaxation, great food, culture and history to no end. Well, finally it’s your turn! So let’s see together what you need to know before planning your next holidays in Puglia.

Where to go on holiday in Puglia?

Vacanze in Puglia, yes, but where ? 

Puglia is very vast and we like to repeat that there are “more faces” of the same region. There is marine and maritime Puglia, rural Puglia, cultural Puglia, and then there are many itineraries for those who love sports. We think of trekking, cycling, caving excursions and much more. In short, an Puglia with a thousand faces, which is liked because it meets more tastes and satisfies more needs.

However, let’s see some ideas about places to go on holiday in Puglia:

  • Polignano a mare
  • Tremiti Islands
  • Monopoly
  • Porto Cesareo
  • Otranto
  • Morning
  • Rodi Garganico

These are just a few ideas and they are all seaside resorts, in fact Puglia is a sort of open-air museum where every corner is beauty, history, culture. It is no coincidence that Frederick II of Swabia chose it as his chosen homeland. Even if you dream of a seaside holiday in Puglia, do not forget to visit some cities of art, such as Lecce , pearl of the Baroque, Trani with its splendid port and its cathedral overlooking the sea, Bari, with its rich old city of history and charm, Taranto , also with its castle and many many other places, small and large.

How much does a week cost in Puglia?

In addition to the extraordinary variety of destinations and landscapes , Puglia is also a region definitely for all budgets. For a week in Puglia you can therefore spend just under 500 euros if you are inclined to stay in cheap b & bs, to spend a lot of time in nature and to enjoy only street food. If, on the other hand, you want to stay in hotels equipped with all comforts and eat in typical restaurants or visit museums, you can count at least double, if not more.

Where are the most beautiful beaches in Puglia

On the pages of this magazine you will find lots of useful information on the beaches of Puglia. In fact, we have dedicated a real special to the beaches of Puglia . Read it, browse it (virtually!) And you will find many interesting ideas about where to go to the beach in Puglia. You will find, to give some examples:

  • windless beaches in Puglia
  • beaches for singles
  • family beaches
  • postcard beaches
  • for nudists
  • for the disabled
  • for those traveling with a 4-legged friend
  • and so on

Where are the Maldives of Salento located?

Let’s now spend a few words about the Maldives of Salento because there are many who write to us to ask where is this so enchanting beach. We are therefore on the Ionian coast before Santa Maria di Leuca, between the towns of Torre Mozza and Torre Vado. A stone’s throw from the famous town of Pescoluse . Here, the sand is fine, the beach is very deep and the sea slopes gently. It is a very pleasant place for everyone, but particularly suitable for families with children. The waters are in fact safe and calm all year round.

Come on holiday in Puglia and return home full of lightness and emotions

Puglia is a region that will remain in your heart. The mild climate , the slow passing of time, the absence of anxiety and frenzy, the desire to regain contact with nature and with one’s own spirituality will recharge you with great energy. Go home with a light heart! We’ll take care of your shopping. On La Terra di Puglia you can comfortably do your shopping for typical Apulian products once back home. This way you won’t have to carry loads and you will have plenty of time to decide what to buy. And to buy something more, without the thought of space in the suitcase!

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