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Reasons to Choose Wooden Blocks for Your Children 



Reasons to Choose Wooden Blocks for Your Children 

 As parents, we naturally want to provide the best for our children in terms of everything we purchase for them. Wooden blocks toys are one of the most commonly purchased items for children, and why not? Some we receive as gifts, others we purchase because they are in desperate need, and still others we purchase because we can’t resist their cuteness of them! 

Although most families have more plastic toys, we are seeing a trend in India, where more parents are purchasing wooden toys for their children because they are concerned about landfills, the environment, or the safety of their children. Wooden toys are both environmentally sustainable and safe, as well as ageless. 

Simple toys that require a child’s thinking and exploration are the greatest toys to play with, according to educators and experts. Wooden blocks are exactly that. Simple but attractively crafted wooden toys help to stimulate our children’s imaginations while also providing the necessary enrichment for their developing brains. 

  1. Wooden Toys promote creative play 

Toys with multiple functions and sounds frequently provide instant gratification, so the emphasis on learning new skills is lost. Simpler wooden toys, on the other hand, focus on the abilities that a youngster can choose from and help to develop concentration. By the age of nine months, children have learned cause and effect. Taping a wooden block on the ground, for example, generates noise. Because of their simplicity, they are open-ended, allowing children to explore, imagine, and play in whatever way they want. 

  1. They inspire 

Wooden toys are ideal for building new worlds from the ground up. Wooden blocks and other children’s music boxes can be transformed into whatever a youngster desires, and they can track a child’s progress from simple symbolic play to complicated imaginative play. Simple, natural materials frequently lead to more meaningful and persistent involvement. 

Children can use their blossoming imaginations to build, innovate, tinker, make-believe, and create anything they want, whether it’s a city, a wooden car, or a train track that extends from room to room. 

  1. Develop Brain  

Unlike other toys that can be held together with magnets, most wooden toys or wooden blocks have no such system, which is part of the appeal of wooden toys. The child devotes 100 percent of his or her attention to the toy and is free to explore it in whatever way he or she desires. Furthermore, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to playing with wooden toys. Wooden toys can be played with in an infinite number of ways, and they will all be correct. 

  1. Boost Cognitive development 

Wooden blocks provide our children with a comprehensive play-based learning experience that is critical to their cognitive development. They aid in the development of the child’s logic and reasoning abilities, as well as the thought process. Wooden toys teach children about diverse forms, weights, and volumes, as well as encourage them to use their imaginations and come up with new ways to play. 

  1. Durable 

There’s no doubting that children’s music boxes last far longer than other types of toys. Many of the toys we inherit or acquire from our elders are wooden toys; they are not indestructible, but they are certainly more durable. Plus, one of the best pleasures is watching your smaller child play with the toys you bought for your bigger child and seeing how the two babies interacted with the wooden toy in different ways. 

  1. Safe 

The safety of the toy is probably the most crucial feature we look for when purchasing toys for our children. Because wooden toys are completed with rounded edges and smooth surfaces, there is little risk of injury to children. As a parent, you may be concerned about the colour, but most wooden toys on the market nowadays are made with lead-free, non-toxic paints. 

  1. Aesthetically-designed 

Wooden blocks may be simple, but they have a certain aesthetic charm. They’re smooth, clean, and simply lovely to look at, and they’re built to last. Clean lines, simple looks with enticing colours, and order to produce a tranquil learning atmosphere, and wooden toys work nicely in these conditions. They can be stacked, are easy to clean, and are so simple yet appealing that even we parents can’t resist buying them for our children! 

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