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Seo – Search Engine Optimization

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Seo – Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are now part of everyday life for all of us: Google, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Brave, Baidu, Yahoo !, Bing, Explorer, Edge … These web applications accompany us day after day in an infinity of information collections , and it is precisely for this reason that it is essential for every company to rely on an Agenzia SEO that knows how to take care of and enhance the visibility of a brand on the web by improving its positioning on search engines.

Whether it is a search by words or by images, search engines analyze an immense amount of data and information through programs defined as crawlers and, on the basis of specific algorithms, catalog the results by relevance, offering the user an ordered list. of answers judged more in line with his actual request.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consists in optimizing the positioning of a site, page or content in general within search engines, and the approach of Webproseo, as an SEO consultancy agency, is actually based on the binomial search engine / human being.

For us there are no tricks or miraculous formulas: the most effective way to increase the visibility of a site is to provide useful and valuable answers for users by following the logic of Digital Inbound Marketing, at the same time adopting the specific measures that search engines they look favorably.

Webproseo relies on its own method, developed thanks to an experience in the SEO field of over 20 years : you will know it better and better, line by line of this in-depth analysis which aims to be a first seo consultancy.

What is meant by search engine rankings?

Better to clarify: indexing and positioning are concepts that are often confused, but which actually indicate different procedures. When embarking on an SEO consulting project for your website, this concept must be clear and distinct.

By indexing we mean the recognition by Google and other search engines of new content uploaded online, following the periodic monitoring of sites, pages and files on the web. It’s a vital step in getting into the game, so to speak.

To play at your best, however, the positioning process must be considered. In this case, Google takes a further step towards the sites identified, ordering them at the time of each user’s search according to a criterion of relevance. The more the search engine considers that the contents of the site actually respond to the request for information, the more visibility it will give to the site itself when the results are returned to the user.

The list of sites that Google and other engines offer after a search is called SERP, or Search Engine Results Page: for a site (and for the Brand to which it refers) it is vitally important to position yourself among the first items that they are offered to the user, because over 90% of search traffic is concentrated on the first page of results alone!  

The SEO experts and the agencies that offer the SEO service move precisely in this field of action: their goal is to make it so that the different search engines can more easily identify the quality of the content of the sites that they intend to raise as positioning. on search engines, thanks to a complex system of strategies and techniques in continuous evolution.

This is why for companies in every sector, from industry to the service sector, from B2B to B2C, from small producers to large distributors, it is now essential to rely on professional figures, such as those belonging to a qualified SEO agency. Highly competent figures, able to adopt the best solutions for each individual case and to keep themselves constantly updated.

But let’s get deeper into the matter.

What does SEO Services consist of, and what advantages does it bring?

A search engine applies precise algorithms and tools to provide the user with results with the highest possible degree of relevance to the search performed. The phases into which he divides this activity are basically four.

  • Monitoring  of the web area, through the use of specific artificial intelligences (crawling)
  • Hierarchy  and ordering of results (ranking)
  • Indexing  of monitored contents
  • Offering responses  to the user through the SERP

The set of SEO activities aims to improve the organic positioning of a website within the search results provided by Google and other engines. Increasing the visibility of a site allows it to be more easily visible on the web market.

The specification “organic positioning” is opposed to that of “paid positioning” on the basis of the criterion with which the engines reward a specific site within the SERP: in the first case, in fact, the judgment can be defined as natural, or focused on all those elements that indicate to Google a greater relevance to the research carried out, such as keywords of the contents, care of the semantic areas, length of the individual elements, presence of links to quality sites in the sector, etc; in the second case it is a cash investment that leads the site to climb positions in the SERP, through specific Google tools and advertisements that can give excellent support to broader and more structural SEO optimizations.

When we talk about SEO Services, we venture into a complex and varied world, in which each agency takes into consideration consolidated processes of the discipline and declines them according to the specific situation of the client’s site and to its own personal approach to the matter. The objectives, however, remain essentially the same for everyone: improving the positioning on search engines and increasing the visibility of one’s site.

Search Engines: Here are the key statistics

  • About 93% of all web traffic goes through search engines
  • Two interesting focuses : Google boasts 96.2% of search engine traffic from Desktop in Brazil, and 95.9% of search engine traffic from Desktop in India
  • For every dollar a business invests in Google Search and Google Ads, an average of $ 8 in profit is generated
  • 46 % of all searches in Google refer to local realities
  • Only 12.6% of all clicks from Google go to one of the top 100 domains
  • Globally, Google accounts for 76% of desktop traffic and 86% of mobile traffic
  • Google processes 2 trillion searches every year
  • Google’s revenue from ad businesses in 2018 amounted to over $ 116 billion
  • According to search engine marketing statistics, 63% of users are motivated to click on paid advertisements from Google
  • Marketing specialists who combine organic SEO and PPC Ads activities see up to 25% more clicks and 27% profit increase

Here are the advantages and benefits of well-conducted SEO optimization:

  • Increase quality traffic to the site
  • Improve the user experience within the site, offering greater care for leads and increasing the conversion rate 
  • Expand your reach to new markets
  • Anticipating competitors and more quickly intercepting new trends from Google and the web in general
  • Effectively act on multiple markets simultaneously, with targeted strategies from a local, national or global perspective
  • Monitor volumes and types of sales and transactions in the best possible way
  • Give strength and support to other areas of the Digital sector , with which SEO actually works in synergy, such as Social Media and ADV Activities.

We at Webproseo, as an agency, intend SEO precisely in the light of a general and articulated perspective, in which each piece of a Digital strategy has certain value in itself but much more in combination with the others: discover the our approach to Search Engine Optimization according to the logic of Digital Inbound Marketing!  

Webproseo SEO: how we design an SEO project

Do you want to know more about our way of running a successful SEO business or do you need SEO consultancy?

The SEO activities that we offer to our customers every day act on multiple levels of the Digital Inbound Marketing Funnel , bringing great results in the Attraction Phase and significant benefits in the Conversion Phase. Not only that: the collection of a large amount of data and information, together with its professional interpretation, allows you to develop new ideas and strategies for complex long-term Digital Marketing strategies.

But how to best set up a winning Search Engine Optimization strategy? As an SEO web agency we have clear ideas on how to proceed, step by step, along this complex path of analysis, optimization, monitoring, updating and implementation.

Key moments of SEO consultancy for a website are certainly:

  • Initial SEO analysis of the site
  • Analysis and research of the most useful keywords for the customer
  • Analysis of competitors’ sites
  • Optimization of the tree and the structure of a site
  • Optimization of HTML code components of interest to search engines
  • Optimization of textual and visual content
  • Possible creation of further optimized contents
  • Digital PR, Link Building and Link Earning activities
  • Targeted Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) operations
  • Periodic reports of analysis, monitoring, and proposal to update and integrate the Strateg

Two major SEO issues that deserve a quick, further study, are undoubtedly the choice of keywords and the macro subdivision of Onsite and Offsite Optimization .

In the choice of keywords, we at Webproseo, in SEO consultancy, believe it is more useful to focus on the identification of the so-called Long Tail Keywords: according to this approach, it is advisable to be competitive on strings that are not too generic, because they are characterized from a higher level of competition and usually a lower conversion rate.

On the contrary, focusing on keywords with more terms, that is more specific and detailed (without exaggerating, of course!), Allows you to establish yourself on a less competitive and usually much more rewarding ground in terms of high conversion rate .

As for the distinction between Onsite and Offsite Optimization , SEO calls into question procedures which, within a robust and well-structured strategy, operate in synergy: all the operations that must be performed within a site, and all those that affect the relationship between different sites.

In the context of Onsite SEO, the two main categories of SEO optimization of HTML code can be identified, i.e. those elements of source code that browsers read and evaluate during the ranking phase, and SEO optimization of content , the main activity of every SEO project worthy of the name.

When referring instead to the Offsite SEO field, various processes are called into question, certainly including Digital PR, Link Building and Link Earning : the main objective of this kind of activity is to relate the website of the customer with sites that are already highly regarded by Google, mainly through links placed in correspondence with anchor text. 

Now, however, let’s broaden the perspective: let’s take a look at the beginning and at the end of an SEO project for the improvement of search engine positioning. 

The importance of analysis: how we evaluate the results

Let’s see what are the right questions to ask to start a search engine positioning project on the right foot .

Monitoring the results of an SEO project is essential to evaluate the validity of the actions implemented and verify if they are in line with the business objectives defined upstream. In this initial phase, relying on an SEO web agency is of fundamental importance for the definition of a complete analysis.

Some technical parameters can certainly be:

  • Growth  in organic traffic
  •  Keyword ranking
  • Conversions  from organic traffic
  • Average time spent on pages and  bounce rate
  • Best landing pages   (analysis of their organic traffic)
  • Growth  of the links obtained and their quality

However, each parameter must be analyzed not on the basis of simple quantitative considerations, but in the light of a careful assessment of its quality, carried out on the basis of specific KPIs.

At this point a question arises: when do you actually see the results of an SEO service?

The best answer, as happens in many cases in the complex context of SEO activities, is “it depends”. The definition of the timing of an effective optimization of the positioning of a site is in fact a matter subject to a certain number of variables, according to specific schemes of the single portal considered, never exactly repeatable for other customers.

Every professional in the sector knows that every organic positioning project is a chapter in itself, and that it can give results from the first weeks as well as after a year or more.

There are dozens of elements to consider. Among the most important must certainly be mentioned:

  • The market sector in which the customer operates
  • The specific characteristics of the project keywords
  • The particular situation of the Competitors
  • The quality and type of content
  • The Backlink strategy deemed most suitable

In short, part of the charm of the SEO activity is its complex dynamism!

To better orient yourself and get to the heart of this activity, it is therefore useful to refer to some particularly significant Case Studies.

Always listen to SEO consultancy: here are some tips to keep in mind!

What are the SEO tips that would be worth giving to those who want to know more about this fascinating business?

Meticulousness, precision, strategic vision and attention to the smallest detail.

Declining the discussion on a more concrete level, it is certainly possible to indicate some specific tools that support the daily operations of an SEO specialist.

  • In the overall SEO activities, the analysis activity undoubtedly assumes a fundamental role in every operational phase: from that of the preliminary study of the client’s website to that of the analysis of competitors, from that of the definition of an effective strategy corroborated by data to support monitoring based on well-defined KPIs.
    An instrument with exceptional potential is in this Webproseo, a tool developed internally by Webproseo capable of interfacing with some essential sources of information. Thanks to Webproseo it is in fact possible to collect in a single, practical dashboard data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Facebook Insight, Instagram, Mailchimp, Youtube and LinkedIn Ads, in order to make the analysis phase much more efficient and to greatly streamline the crucial operational step of reporting.
  • We then come to the Google Search Console , another indispensable tool in an SEO Specialist‘s toolbox. In short, it is a free application (former Webmaster Tool) that allows you to analyze various significant parameters in the context of optimizing a website.
    Thanks to GSC, it is possible to understand how the Search engine has carried out its work of indexing a site, having access to the sitemap.xml, to the volume and click-through rate of searches performed by users, to the structure of the various internal links. to the site and much more. An SEO expert can use the Google Search Console to spot crawler crawl errors, as well as to track down any issues affecting AMP pages, site and blog indexing, and rich snippets.
  • Other tools that cannot be overlooked in an overview of the most used SEO tools are undoubtedly the important SEMrush and SEOZoom. These two resources accompany the SEO department in a wide range of activities: from monitoring the ranking to analyzing the audience, from identifying the topics of an editorial plan to analyzing competitors, and so on.
    It doesn’t make much sense to structure a competition between SEMrush and SEOZoom: the use of both platforms, the first an authentic world giant, the second an explosive all-Italian service, is probably the best choice, able to combine effective site analysis, pages and internal links with the collection of useful information for the development of optimized content and editorial strategies.

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