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Sports trading, the new frontier of betting

Sports Trading


Sports trading, the new frontier of betting

From betting at a loss on sporting events to successful financial trading: you can make money but you need adequate preparation. This is the case of Filippo Accorinti, in a sector that moves 144 million

Game, what a passion. Since the first cards dating back to China in 2300 BC, passing through the dice of ancient Egypt or gladiator fights in ancient Rome, humanity has felt the need to bet , to try their luck or, more simply, to have fun. In modern times, as it was inevitable, all this has become a gigantic business , materialized in casinos, in various lotteries and sporting events, but it is in recent years that the turnover has literally exploded thanks to online, which allows to bet on the desired event in a few seconds, without even leaving the house.

The numbers, obviously remaining within the legal framework, are mind-boggling: just think that last November, the last month of which the complete figures are known, the total of online sports betting exceeded 144 million euros, registering a +89 , 5% compared to October. But the prospect of winning, often and willingly, turns out to be a gigantic red herring , given that most of this money does not end up in the coffers of those who invest it, but of those who play the counter, whether the State Monopoly or one of the many bookmakers present on the square.

However, someone has understood how to do it, transforming the passion for the game (which in some cases, unfortunately, becomes a vice) into a real profession, able to allow him to support his family and give work to other people. Filippo Accorinti , 42-year-old Milanese with a 6-year-old son, worked as a warehouse keeper for a large commercial chain and in his spare time he delighted, like many others, with betting, trying to increase the income at home. Obviously he often did not succeed, even ending up having the opposite effect. But one day he witnessed the presentation of a sports trading platform, a term practically unknown until then: so he decided to study it in depth, because this, it is good to clarify immediately, is a system that requires method and preparation, otherwise it would be a simple hazard.

He began to patent working methods and, in his words, very profitable, so much so that he found himself earning more with this than with his main occupation. And so, when in 2016 the company he worked for proposed a reduction in staff, he did not give up, but rather took the ball and made it his full-time job. At the beginning of 2021 Accorinti, now a seasoned trader, realized that he could extend his knowledge to the public and created I’M TRADER SRLS, in order to make his strategies available to him, obviously for a fee.

The site presents various opportunities, starting with the “Essential” course , designed to bring anyone, even starting from scratch, to be profitable within 4 weeks with proven strategies, but also a simple free consultation with a professional trader : a tour that exceeds 1000 customers, also thanks to the social profiles, where you can find testimonials of all kinds.

All this, of course, by issuing a regular invoice, while for the winnings there is no need: the profits from trading are already taxed at the source, unlike for example what happens in Forex, where instead they are taxed at 26%, in the market. bonds (12%), but also in traditional lotteries.

But what exactly does this “scientific method” consist of? Starting from the concepts of classic financial trading, adapted to the sports one, Accorinti adopts Take Profit techniques,in which you never go to risk a sum greater than that fixed on your capital, therefore from 3 to 5% to generate a profit of 1% daily, which by applying the concept of compound interest can make the capital grow exponentially, 30 to 50% per month. At this point one wonders how a system of this type is little publicized, if not even unknown and the answer, evidently, comes from the above numbers: the real gain of the bookmakers is based on traditional bets, where the losses of the players , as we saw earlier, they far outweigh the winnings.

The substantial difference, just to give a practical and concrete example, is that in a classic bet the book collects the entire stake, here instead it takes only 5% , after which it is up to the player to protect what is left: he is free to exit the market. at any moment of the event, whether it is a profit or a loss, a bit as if, as a player, he had become the arbiter of the game. Obviously the opposite is also true, given that you can also decide to enter an event in progress and invest in something that you think can happen (bet), but also in something that is presumed not to happen (bank), thus becoming a real bookmaker.

The system requires adequate preparation , otherwise you risk losing as and more than before, but if done well it works, as hundreds of verified testimonials tell. Of course, the thrill of gambling is another thing, but here, after all, we are not talking about this, but about a method already widely used in finance and which, if carried on a large scale, aims to revolutionize an entire sector. . Even if, given the millenary tradition mentioned above, it is likely to remain a prerogative of a few (good) lucky ones. 

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