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The Best Jet Ski to Buy in 2022

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The Best Jet Ski to Buy in 2022

If you’re looking for a jet ski, here are some top picks for 2022: the Sea-Doo STX 160LX, Kawasaki’s SX-R, the Mansory WaveBlaster, and the Sea-Doo Trixx. Listed below are the pros and cons of each model. We’ve also included a buyer’s guide.

Kawasaki’s SX-R

The SX-R 1500 is an easy-to-handle stand-up ski that is comfortable to ride for larger riders. It also has better buoyancy than its predecessor and a larger tray and handles pole for extra stability by BOTE Board. Despite being lightweight, the SX-R is an excellent choice for serious cruisers. It can also operate in waters that run on two-stroke engines.

The SX-R 1500 is the most advanced stand-up ski on the market today. It has a runabout-style hull and reaches speeds up to 60 mph. The SX-R is also a little bit cheaper than the previous models, which makes it a good choice for families. Its price is also more affordable than the Yamaha and Honda jet skis, so even if you’re looking for a used one, the SX-R is a great option.

Sea-Doo’s STX 160LX

The Sea-Doo STX 160LX jet ski is a mid-size, family-friendly personal watercraft that offers plenty of power, good storage, and a fair price. One downside is the plastic hull, which is not the most durable material and may not be repairable. Additionally, the STX 160LX’s hull is more suited to flat or medium-chop water. New for 2022, the STX Scout has a number of upgrades, including a towing tube.

The Sea-Doo STX 160LX has a lot of new tech features and comfort features. It has a touchscreen display and smartphone integration, a 70-liter fuel tank, and RF DESS Key technology. Its storage and fuel capacity are smaller than those of its competitors. However, it is still better than average when it comes to comfort. The STX 160LX will cost around $20,000 and will be available in 2022.

Mansory’s WaveBlaster

The Mansory’s WaveBlaster is a high-performance, low-maintenance jet ski. The custom-built ski was inspired by the legendary Sea-Doo jet ski. This watercraft is capable of going up to 40 mph and boasts a high-performance engine. The Jet Ski is a popular watercraft for sporting events and weekend outings.

The Black Marlin 550 Jet Ski from Mansory is a carbon fiber hull. It started life as a Sea-Doo RXT-X 260 RS jet ski. The jet ski was converted by Mansory to produce 550 horsepower, which is a whopping difference in power to weight ratio. It weighs just 22 pounds less than a stock Sea-Doo, which makes it faster than the stock jet ski. It has a power-to-weight ratio that beats that of a Bugatti Veyron.

Kawasaki’s Ultra 310R

The next model of Kawasaki’s ultra-lightweight JetSki is expected to come in 2022. It will feature dual glove boxes accessible through the gullwing-style doors under the front and aft fairings. This feature provides 10.5 gallons of storage and prevents riders from double-stepping or reaching too far into the center bucket. The new Ultra 310LX also includes a gullwing-style deck rail system, which will let users anchor their coolers and accessories. The system also comes with dual USB ports, which will allow you to charge your devices on the water.

Although the Ultra 310R jet ski is expected to be discontinued in the near future, the new Kawasaki Ultra 310 range already has customers placing orders. Although the product hasn’t been seen yet, dealers have begun taking orders for 2022 models. Once stock arrives, the first customers in the queue are likely to receive their 2022 Jet Ski. The new Ultra 310 supercharged Jet Ski range will be equipped with a new top deck, while the current Ultra LX will retain the same design as it did in 2007.

Kawasaki’s STX 160LX

The STX 160LX jet ski will have a new look for 2022. It will be a redesigned STX 15F, with features like a water-resistant lid and an impressive 78-gallon fuel tank. It will also have a USB port for charging your cell phone and a comfortable three-passenger seating position. Its fuel capacity is one of its best assets, with a maximum of 78 gallons.

Final Words:

The STX 160LX Jet Ski will be a bit bigger than the STX 160, but its size is the same as the current Ultra 310LX. It will come with a higher nacelle than its predecessor and will have the same ebony and lime green color scheme. The STX 160LX jet ski is the newest member of the STX series. It’s expected to cost approximately $21,000, with a slightly higher price tag.

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