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Thinking about buying human hair extensions? Here are some crazy things you need to know


Thinking about buying human hair extensions? Here are some crazy things you need to know

A Short Introduction To Human Hair Extensions For Beginners

Hair extensions are intriguing, as they enable you to instantly transform your look by adding length and thickness to your hair. 

Ladies who have never experimented with hair extensions but are looking forward to them, are likely to have numerous questions regarding various kinds of hair extensions, how they function, how to install them, whether they are worth it or not, and so forth.

Whether you are leaning towards clip in human hair extensions or semi-permanent alternatives, there are a few things you have to know before buying them. 

Today, we will walk you through the different types of hair extensions and some interesting facts about them. Get ready to discover all you need to know about extensions before getting them! 

Types Of Hair Extensions 

Clip In Hair Extensions 

Long, curly clip in hair extensions
Long, curly clip in hair extensions 

Clip in extensions is the greatest option for a quick style change because they are low-maintenance and don’t need much commitment. You can clip them in and out in a few minutes. They typically come in a set with 8 to 10 pieces of wefts and multiple small pressure-sensitive clips. Clip ins are among the most popular types among both beginners and seasoned extension wearers due to the ease of installation. 

Pro Tip: Install 4 clips at the back for volume and 2 or 3 smaller pieces on the sides for a perfectly blended appearance. 

Tape In Hair Extensions 

Curly headband hairstyle
Curly headband hairstyle

Tape in hair extensions is bonding strips of wefts glued an inch away from your roots. Tape ins are installed by sandwiching your hair. Your hair between 2 wefts of tape ins.  A thin layer of your hair will be enveloped between two pieces of extensions, which are then sealed together near the roots. Depending on the length and number of tapes used, the installation takes 45 minutes to an hour. 

Fun Fact: Tape in extensions provides the most undetectable appearance and promotes healthy hair growth. 

Sew In Hair Extensions

A face-framing look with sew in extensions
A face-framing look with sew in extensions 

Sew in weaves are the most widely used type of hair extension, particularly among ladies with thick hair. The weave is sewn into the braids using a needle and thread after braiding your hair into cornrows. Compared to tape in extensions, sew-ins take between 2 to 3 hours and last between 6 to 8 weeks. 

Pro Tip: Use moisturizing products like deep conditioners and protein-based hair masks to maintain the weave. 

Microbead Hair Extensions 

Slay with microbead extensions

I-tip extensions are another popular choice among women who enjoy styling versatility. They are held in place with tiny beads and pliers. The beads and extensions match your hair color, ensuring a flawless blend and a natural appearance. There is no need for heat or adhesive, and the process takes roughly 2 to 4 hours. 

Pro Tip: You must be cautious when washing, brushing and styling your hair extensions to keep the extensions in good condition.

8 Facts About Hair Extensions Before Buying!

8 interesting facts about hair extensions
8 interesting facts about hair extensions 

Since you know about the types of hair extensions, it’s time to learn everything you need to know about them before you buy them. Carefully go through the following 8 interesting facts about hair extensions before buying. 

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  1. There Are Different Types 

It might look obvious, but the variety of hair extension alternatives offered is endless– braiding hair, clip-ins, keratin, weaves, tape-ins, and human hair ponytail extension are some of them. 

Each type of extension has advantages and disadvantages. If you’re uncertain, start with clip in human hair extensions. They are a perfect starting point for newbies seeking a brief change-up. You can move on to semi-permanent options like sew-in and tape-ins once you have gotten used to clip ins. 

  1. Hair Extensions Look Natural 

Beginners are often surprised at how realistic clip in and human hair loc extensions look. It all boils down to choosing high-quality hair extensions strategically placed to blend with your natural hair. If you want your hair extensions to appear ultra-realistic, consider the texture and length. 

Instead of wearing super-long, clearly false extensions, the tiny, precisely positioned hairpieces plump up your hair, making it look stronger, healthier, and more voluminous.

  1. Premium Hair Extensions Won’t Damage Your Hair 

Another astounding fact about extensions like tape in human hair extensions and clip-ins don’t damage your natural hair. Hair extension-related hair damage happens only when the hairstyles are not constructed of high-quality materials or are not properly cared for. 

As a result, research is vital. 

Extensions are not created or manufactured similarly by all hair brands. Some companies prioritize quantity, while others, such as True Glory Hair, prioritize quality. You know your natural hair is protected when the extensions look beautiful post installation. 

  1. Human Hair Extensions Cut Salon Time In Half

Although extensions are faster than waiting for your hair to grow, they are notorious for taking a considerable time to install. However, in recent times, the installation of tape in human hair extensions has gotten much faster and more effective.

Thanks to the variety in colors, textures, and styles, most are in and out within an hour for tape ins and 3-4 hours for permanent extension installations. With clip in extensions, you don’t even have to visit a salon! 

  1. Maintaining Hair Extensions Takes Practise 

If you are an alarm snoozer or swear by air-drying your hair, it will require some dedication to schedule a time to wash, dry, and style your hair extensions. It takes time,but you’ll be glad you did because you can continue sporting gorgeous styles and make the most of your hair extensions. 

Did You Kow: You should never leave your extensions wet, especially at night. You will wake up to a tangled mess or provoke bacteria and mold growth.

  1. You Will Need New Hair Products 

Your regular hair care arsenal won’t hold up if you have hair extensions. This is because hair extensions respond differently to washing. Traditional shampoos and conditioners contain sulfate and paraben, agents that dry your hair and cause scalp irritation and flakes. 

Your new arsenal of hair care products should include sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners packed with moisturizing properties to retain moisture and luster. Add dry shampoos and alcohol-free styling products to maintain your human hair loc extensions. 

  1. Hair Extensions Are Rather Comfortable 

It might initially feel peculiar to have so much more hair. Still, you won’t experience any pain after installing tape in human hair extensions– granted, a skilled extensions installs them. You should immediately speak to the extensionist if you feel any discomfort and pain. 

  1. Good-Quality Hair Extensions Cost A Pretty Penny

It goes without saying that good hair extension is expensive, but if the semi-permanent extensions are installed correctly and cared for properly, they can last up to eight weeks. Some hairpieces, such as tape in human hair extensions, can be removed and reinstalled, allowing you to wear beautiful styles for up to a year.


This concludes everything you must know about hair extensions before buying a set. So, are you ready to try out hair extensions? If you are, head to True Glory Hair and browse through their collection of Brazilian extensions. 

True Glory Hair is a heaven for hair extension veteran! They offer a slew of virgin hair extensions like bundles and clip in human hair extensions in various lengths, textures, styles, and competitive prices. 

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