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The Most Adorable Gemstones For Every Occasion


The Most Adorable Gemstones For Every Occasion

Every gem is unique in its own way, as they are mined from different sources of the earth. They are the gift of the planet to humans, which are transforming human life for the betterment of our existence. Whenever we wear the gemstone, our life gets enhanced with the beauty of the stone, that is, the internal and the external beauty. Adding the gems to the sterling silver metal gives an easy way of wearing and getting the benefits of the stone and the metal.
Moreover, the stone can also be worn in rose gold and yellow gold metal. The sterling silver over which the rose gold layer has been plated.

List of the most trending gemstone of every season.

1. Opal
2. Moonstone
3. Turquoise
4. Moldavite
5. Larimar

Now, let us learn in more detail about these gemstones.


Opal is a beautiful stone found in many parts of the world, but Australia is one of the most significant sources of exporting the stone to all over the world. Whereas the high-quality gemstones come from Ethiopia and are worn by legends. The stone comes in various hues, ranging from pink, orange, black, yellow, blue, white, multicolour or even in colourless. Opal jewelry is fragile in nature as it is made of silica and water, and the wearer has to take special care of this gemstone.


Moonstone is a mystical gem with historical heritage, and moreover, it was considered a moon itself. The gem is shrouded in mystery and elegance and has the ability to capture the eyes of the people. Wearing Moonstone jewelry makes the wearer feel the soothing energy of the moon. In addition, the gemstone symbolises peace and new beginnings.


Turquoise isn’t the recently discovered gemstone, and it is one of the oldest gemstones to be mined. This stone has travelled the world and has won hearts of the gem lovers, fascinating with its exciting properties. Turquoise jewelry is the birthstone for the ones born in month of December and under the zodiac sign Sagittarius.


Moldavite is a perfect choice of gemstone jewelry, as it is a beautiful specimen which brings calm in the form of ethereal green hues. It is a natural glass which was formed by the impact of an asteroid impact that happened around 15 million years ago. It belongs to the tektite group and rates between 5 to 7 on the Mohs scale hardness. Moldavite jewelry can be worn in the form of rings, pendants, bracelets, or earrings on daily basis. It will help a person attain the higher spiritual energy of the universe. In addition, it has special benefits for the ones born between April 20 to May 20; with its transforming effects, it makes everything suitable.


Larimar is the blue pectolite mineral which is only found in the area of the Dominican Republic. It has an interesting story behind its formation as the stone was named after the daughter of the priest Larissa, who discovered this gem. The stone is found in hues of green, blue and white, and the value of the gem depends on the intensity and contrasting colours. Beyond the colours, the stone inspires inner peace, enhances tranquillity, and balances the body, mind, and spirit. Moreover, Larimar jewelry

can be worn by anyone, as it has no connection with a zodiac sign or birth month.


All these gemstones, as mentioned earlier, are the best for wearing them on any occasion. So, now when you want to buy them, so the most suitable place for buying them is Rananjay Exports. It is an online wholesale manufacturing company which deals in more than 150 gemstones and renders its services all across the world. All their designs are exclusive and not found anywhere at the most affordable prices. Have a wonderful experience buying with them.

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