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Understanding The Seiko Yachtmaster Mod

Seiko Yachtmaster Mod


Understanding The Seiko Yachtmaster Mod

Watches are one of the most exquisite accessories in the world. Put a watch on – and your outfit will jazz up. For men, pairing a watch with your outfit is one of the most socially acceptable vanity practices. For women, the watch functions as a jewelry piece, a design that can complement your outfit – and as a fashion statement asserting your current status. However, some consumers tend to be pickier with how they want their watches.

And that is where watch modding comes into play.

What Is A Watch Mod?

So what is a watch mod? A watch mod is an art of modifying your watch and its pieces for purely aesthetic purposes. 

The term “watch mod” is a shortened term for “watch modification.” If you believe that you can make a watch look better than the current and original form of your timepiece, and you can make it into reality, then you have created a watch mod. 

The watch’s hands, bezel insert, or dial have been changed or altered in some way if you look at a watch mod. Other forms of watch modification have aimed for total overhauls of the watch. Some mods go as far as adding in a new piece, or crystal or even swapping out the case or movement entirely. 

In addition, watch modding does not have a strict rule book. Due to this logic, a strap change does not strictly qualify as a watch mod. However, modding pertains to the changes to the watch itself. Therefore, it does not simply pertain to the watch strap change. 

How Can I Mod Watches?

To mod watches, you will need tools for the trade. 

Picking up a watch repair kit is a quick and surefire way to cover the fundamentals tools needed for modding watches. There are basic tools for handset replacement and multiple types of caseback removal, along with pliers, tweezers, and spring bar tools.

Once you use the basic tools in a watch repair kit, you should consider investing in higher-quality tools. You can also invest in more higher-grade watch modding tools from a company like Bergeon after a while. 

What Watches Can I Mod?

You can mod any watch with any effort, skill, and necessary elbow grease. It works especially if you strictly follow the semantics of a watch mod: by altering a watch’s appearance from how it was when you bought it.

Seiko and Casio, particularly, are the most popular watch brands used for modding. Both Seiko and Casio lend themselves better to modding because of their affordable prices and their parts’ compatibility.

The Seiko Yachtmaster Mod

The Seiko Yachtmaster Mod is an art form. The Seiko Yachtmaster (YM) Mod is one of the most popular and well-loved styles of builds that have been produced and practiced by various watch modders worldwide. 

The easiest way to distinguish this style is using a Yachtmaster bezel insert. There are various color versions of the Seiko SKX007 Yachtmaster bezel inserts. The various versions of the Seiko SKX007 Yachtmaster bezel inserts include silver, gold, and black, to name a few. 

Some popular mods using the Seiko Yachtmaster Mod are the following:

  • Gold Yachtmaster Mod 
  • Silver Yachtmaster Mod 
  • Two-Toned Yachtmaster Mod 

Wrapping Up

Modding the Seiko YachtMaster Mod style has its fair share of fans. Its popularity is evident by the many incredible photos circulating on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and various websites. However, some modders are still on the fence because not all modders, and would-be modders, successfully find compatible parts needed for their first SKX Yachtmaster build. 

Although, as a brand, the idea of modding Seiko on paper is doable, it is a different story. In practicality, it takes time and repetition to transition from clumsy hands to attaining a level of skill to pull off precise movements and achieve the first build.

Author’s Bio:

William Ross is often described as a jack of all trades. He loves to explore new things and cultivate his knowledge everywhere he goes. These days, he spends most of his free time writing about watches and watch accessories, as he is a collector himself.

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