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What Are The Recommendations For 2022 And How To Conduct An SEO Audit?

Conduct An SEO Audit?


What Are The Recommendations For 2022 And How To Conduct An SEO Audit?

The digital arena is now more competitive than ever because to the increase of companies investing in SEO and Google’s ongoing algorithm adjustments. As a digital marketer, you must continually explore for fresh approaches to increase traffic to your website.

This entails staying current with SEO trends, detecting your site’s shortcomings, and fixing them to improve user experience and outperform your competitors. And SEO audits excel in this area.


Here are some pointers for doing an SEO audit successfully, along with the trendiest digital marketing innovations that will revolutionize this procedure in 2020 and beyond.

A single brow sable version should exist on your website.

Your website may display in a browser in a number of different ways, including:,, and are examples of websites.

Mixed content is regrettably never a good idea for your SEO and is often brought about by moving to HTTPS. Therefore, be careful to relocate any static resource URLs when using SSL/HTTPS.

Otherwise, Google will flag some of your files as “not secure” and they will still be accessible through HTTP. In addition to harming your rankings, this might degrade user experience and portray your website as unreliable.

Ensure that your pages can be indexed.

Google scans each page separately when it indexes your website. Additionally, you want to see whether any sites have been mistakenly blacklisted by the search engine. Several easy methods exist to do this:

To see the pages Google identified for your domain, use the site: operator (for instance, site:

To see the list of the disallows for your site, look for robots.txt files. Add robots.txt to the end of your domain name in a browser (for example,


Check the status of your index. You can determine how many pages Google has indexed by using the Index Status feature in your Google Search Console.

To discover website and URL issues, use Google Search Console.

Speed-test your website.

High bounce rates on slow-loading websites indicate to Google that your website is not user-friendly. Google has now chosen to make page speed a significant ranking criteria for mobile searches as well, despite the fact that it has previously been one for desktop searches.

Website speed will continue to be an important component of SEO precisely because of this. You may test your page load times using a variety of tools, such as Kingdom, Metrix, and Google Page Speed Insights.

Elevate Digital includes a number of techniques for improving slow website performance in their most current SEO guide, including:

Decreasing the number of HTTP queries, speeding up server response, enabling browser caching, and allowing compression

Examine your portfolio of backlinks.

2018 has made it more crucial than ever to be serious about your link-building efforts. Creating low-quality connections on dubious websites can only harm your rankings and could result in penalties.

This is why you should periodically review your backlink profile.  digital marketing pay per click You may analyse your backlinks in-depth using a variety of tools, like Ahrefs, cognitiveSEO, and Majestic SEO.

How well-suited for voice search is your website?

The speech recognition market is developing quite quickly. Even while just one-fifth of all Google searches are now voice-powered, by the end of 2020, this percentage is anticipated to reach fifty percent.

Most significantly, it will alter how we approach SEO. As voice searches are centred on conversational, human-like terms, it will first have a significant influence on your keyword targeting. When doing keyword research or reviewing your current keywords, keep this in mind.

Verify the structured data.

Google has undergone significant transformation over time. In the past, 10 blue links were returned in response to our search queries. Today’s SEPRs, on the other hand, are quite enlightening and compelling, giving us the necessary information about the site without even having to click on it. Structured data is used for this purpose.

Investing in it is crucial for your SEO even if it has never been a ranking indication. Rich snippets, for instance, may boost your CTR by 30%. Following the implementation of or comparable structured data formats, do regular audits to check for the appearance of rich snippets for your website.

Check to see whether your website is mobile-friendly.

We are now in a mobile-first age. Additionally, Google has begun indexing websites’ mobile versions in an effort to satisfy its mobile search users.

One of the biggest developments that will significantly affect your SEO strategy in 2020 and beyond is its mobile-first indexing.

Your website’s rankings will suffer if it isn’t optimised for mobile consumers.

Focus on page load time, streamlined navigation, UX design, and a logical flow of content to ensure that your site is responsive and presents well on mobile devices. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test might be an excellent place to start when evaluating how mobile-friendly your site is.

You can identify your site’s significant issues and address them before they become problems by regularly doing SEO audits. The user experience will be much improved, and you will be ranked better in the SERPs, which is the most essential benefit of implementing the necessary adjustments.

How is an SEO audit carried out?

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