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What are Waffle Wheels and OTR Wheels?

OTR Wheels


What are Waffle Wheels and OTR Wheels?

Waffle wheel is a mechanical device used mainly for resolving the crisis of bridge failure. It is also known as outrigger wheel or simply outrigger. Outrigger wheel is a wheel used for supporting the overloaded bridge. These wheels are composed of materials such as concrete and steel. The use of outrigger wheel is limited to the most extreme cases, used when the bridge has already collapsed or already given way. It is not used as a solution for regular bridge conditions.

The most common use for the OTR wheel is for lifting trucks, aircraft, trains, and vehicles. They are used for lifting and transporting heavy and dangerous loads. OTR wheel is also known as the self-propelled wheel, movement wheel and self-moving wheel. This is because the wheel is able to move from one place to another.

OTR wheels are a modern innovation of waffle wheels. However, it has some similarities with its predecessor. OTR wheels are also designed to support the bridge that is already in crisis of collapse. Instead of using the material made from steel, OTR wheels are more efficient in using a material that is more lightweight, which is concrete. Aside from that, the device is also more efficient in being able to support the weight of the vehicle.

What is the difference between Waffle Wheel and OTR Wheel?

Like its name implies, OTR wheel is designed to be permanently attached to the bridge. It is installed into the bridge during the initial stages of its construction. On the other hand, waffle wheel is used in case of emergency only. It is placed on the bridge after it has been damaged by a vehicle.

How are the waffle wheel markings different from the OTR wheel markings?

The markings on the OTR wheel are distinctive as they are made up of different colored sections. But, the waffle wheel markings are of two types. They include a rectangular or a square yellow marker attached to the wheel to indicate its load carrying capacity. The other markings are colored sections to indicate the side of the vehicle on which the wheel is fitted.

In simple words, the yellow marker gives the gross load rating of the wheel and the colored section indicates the condition of the wheel that is required to be checked.

What are the waffle wheel specifications?

The waffle wheels are lightweight wheels and are fairly easy to manage than any other type of wheels. They are designed in such a way that they can carry a large load and it is highly durable. The specifications of the waffle wheels are:

  • The weight of the waffle wheel is 7.1 kg (16.87lb).
  • The dimensions of the waffle wheel are 4.73 inches in diameter and 16.73 inches in width.
  • The recommended load of the waffle wheel is approximately 20,000 kg.
  • The speed rating of the waffle wheel is 60 kph.

What are the otr wheel specifications?

The otrwheels are also known as over the road wheels. They are made in such a way that they can carry a large load easily. The width of the otr wheels is very wide. The otr wheels have the following specifications:

  • The weight of the otr wheels is 8.8 kg (19.16lb).
  • The width of the otr wheels is 47.3 inches.
  • The diameter of the otr wheels is 19 inches.
  • The diameter of the load bearing is 9 inches.


If you are up to taking the big responsibility of mounting and moving the wheelbarrows by yourself, then you should go for the waffle wheel. If you are not up to taking this responsibility, then you can go for the flat wheel or the otr wheel for easy transportation.

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