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What Is Japandi Furniture?

Japandi Furniture


What Is Japandi Furniture?

If you’re not familiar with this style of furniture, it’s a mix of Japanese and Scandi aesthetics. If you like the look, you might try some pieces from Scout & Nimble, which is a marketplace for Japanese furniture. The site has a small collection, but many of the pieces are unique and have a unique look and feel. Let’s take a look at the main characteristics of Japandi furniture.

Low to the ground

The primary materials of the Japandi style include natural fibers, hand-made pottery, wood, and neutral tones. The minimalist principles and low, simple furniture are also a hallmark of this style. The minimalist aesthetic is further enhanced by the use of blank walls and neutral color palettes. Low to the ground furniture, as well as minimalist accessories, are essential for creating a comfortable atmosphere. Listed below are some examples of furniture that embody the style.

Natural accessories

In Japandi interior design, the focus is on using organic materials such as wood, stone, and jute for large surfaces. Similarly, natural materials like cotton, linen, silk, and wool are also used for small accents such as cushions and side lamps. Upholstered furniture in neutral colors can be made of either cotton fabric or a blend of cotton and linen. This style is not limited to a specific color or texture, however, and can work with other color schemes.

Mix of Scandi and Japanese aesthetics

Despite their very different aesthetics, Scandinavian and Japanese design styles often combine to create a very stylish look. A combination of Scandinavian minimalism and simple Japanese shapes is called Japandi, and the look combines natural elements with modern, minimalist designs to create a stylish space. For flooring, try stone or wood-effect tiles to create a warm and cosy environment. If you’d prefer a more industrial look, consider installing concrete-effect tiles. Porcelain stoneware tiles from Casalgrande Padana’s collections are both functional and versatile, making them ideal for a balanced setting.


The Japanese style of interior design has a long history, and Japanese wood furniture is no exception. This minimalist style emphasizes functional interiors and minimal clutter. “Danshari” is a Japanese concept of keeping things that serve a function or have meaning. With minimal clutter, a Japandi interior will be soothing and inviting. And because Japanese furniture is made to last, it’s easy to pass on to future generations.


The interiors of Japandi style homes often feature plants as a central design element. They evoke a sense of calm, nature, and simplicity. Here’s an example of a beautiful faux snake plant, positioned on its own wooden legs. Displayed in a cozy corner, the faux snake plant adds height to the greenery. Seating is a key component of Japandi furniture, which features a pewter gray upholstery and a walnut or natural ash stain.

Scandinavian design

Inspired by Scandinavian minimalist design, Japandi furniture is a hybrid style combining elements of Japanese and Scandinavian styles. Its clean lines and minimalist aesthetic exude functionality and organization. The emphasis is on Japanese joinery and the use of natural materials, including wood and bamboo. A common theme in this style is black, but black-and-white designs are also available. Here are some of the best examples of Japandi furniture to give your home a Scandinavian flair.

Sustainable materials

In terms of sustainability, the Japanese design philosophy emphasizes using light woods, and textiles that come from nature. The space is minimal and clean, with the furniture relying heavily on neutral tones that reflect light. Among the most popular sustainable materials are bamboo, reclaimed wood, and reclaimed metal. The materials used to make this style of furniture should be sustainable, too, and be made by hand.

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