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What makes Gorilla Tape so strong?

Gorilla Tape


What makes Gorilla Tape so strong?

If you were going to market a product based on its supreme strength, wouldn’t you choose a gorilla too?  If you add the writer of this piece and a handful of readers together, we’d still be nowhere near the strength of any gorilla whatsoever – so it’s the perfect name for the adhesive tape that keeps topping just about every product review list.  But is it all just marketing spin, or is Gorilla Tape genuinely the absolute best in the business?

Actually, Gorilla Tape only hit the market in 2005, so it’s impressive that it’s made such a mark.  The science magazine Popular Science, insisting that MacGyver would have loved Gorilla, says the tape is 145% stronger than MacGyver’s duct tape, while the American company itself says the product has three times the sticking bond of its nearest competitors.  In his review for Gear Junkie, tech expert Stephen Regenold confirmed that Gorilla Tape sticks with a vengeance to just about every single surface he tried it on, including the insulation in his damaged down skiing jacket.

So how’s it really done?  What makes Gorilla Tape so darn strong?

1. It sticks to everything

Try it yourself.  Glass, brick, metal, painted walls, plastic, rubber – anything.  As long as it can lay pretty much flat on what you’re sticking it to, it’s not going anywhere.

2. It’s thicker

Peel off a bit of your Gorilla Tape, and the first thing you’ll notice is that it just wants to stick to your skin like glue.  But it’s also impossible to not notice that it’s thick – very thick.  So thick, in fact, that putting a layer of this heavy tape down and then another layer on top of that feels a bit like fibre-glassing and has a similar effect.

3. It’s easy to tear

Sure, the fact that it tears as easily as a piece of cardboard doesn’t make it stronger – but it does make it incredibly easy to work with.  Don’t worry, it’s incredibly strong when it’s doing what it says on the packaging, but throw away the scissors because the ingenious little perforations in Gorilla Tape means you’re not going to need them to create precisely the sized and shaped strips you require.

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4. It’s weather-proof

Lay some Gorilla Tape on a brick in rain, hail, snow, freezing, humidity and shine and it’s going to be just fine.  It’s difficult to find another tape that will stick securely to brick in any conditions whatsoever, but with Gorilla you’ll discover that even the corners don’t peel up at all after several months – and longer. 

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5. Choose your colour

Black is the iconic Gorilla Tape, but sometimes you want it silver like duct tape or even white for other inconspicuous repairs to walls, pipes and furniture – and you get to choose.  Often, similar products charge a premium for white tape in particular, but that’s not the case with Gorilla.

Which Gorilla Tape do you need for your organisation or applications?  There are anti-slip varieties, a version for extreme outdoor conditions, clear mounting tape and a range of tack, sealers, glues and more, so to ensure you get the Gorilla Tape you need, don’t be shy to ask our friendly industry guides.

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