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Yogas in Astrology


Yogas in Astrology

What are Yogas? How important are they in astrology? These are certain amalgamations, situations, or common aspects of celestial bodies that can lead to effects that could be either auspicious or adverse. As per the astrologer near me, there are numerous distinctive Yogas in astrology. Every Yoga has an influence on human life in some way or another.

Yogas can bring a change in an individual’s life, impact his/her fate or give great fortune and success. The following write-up is everything about the impact of certain types of Yogas in life and how they are created. So, carry on reading.

Wealth Yoga

Everyone in the world needs money. It is among those things that everyone cares about. Sometimes, folks with great skills or talent struggle to make money. Also, there are times when folks with only minimal endeavor attain huge success in no time. The wealth-giving planetary amalgamations determine such incidents in one’s horoscope. These are the most prominent and popular wealth yogas:

·       Chandra Mangal Yoga

·       Chandrahi Yoga

·       Laxmi Yoga

·       Gau Yoga

·       Kusuma Yoga

·       Adhi Yoga

·       Vasuman Yoga

·       Akand Samrajya Yoga

·       Vidhyuta Yoga

·       Parvata Yoga

Panch Mahapurush Yoga

This Yoga is created due to the five Tara Grahas: Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars. While any of these planetary bodies are positioned in their individual sign in Kendra Houses (first, fourth, seventh, and tenth) in the natal chart, the Panch Mahapurush Yoga is created. Based on which planet creates this Yoga, every planetary body creating the Yoga is given a certain name, and the effects are also unique for all planetary bodies.

Types of Panch Mahapurusha Yoga:

·       Shasha Yoga

·       Hamsa Yoga

·       Ruchak Yoga

·       Bhadra Yoga

·       Malavya Yoga

Vipreet Raj Yoga

Generally, the sixth, eighth, and twelfth houses are called malefic houses. These are malicious and result in many problems and bad luck for people. But, with specific positions and planetary combinations, a few planets can create a unique Raj Yoga, Virpreet Raj Yoga. It can be very much favorable for you.

This Yoga, according to the astrologer in California, is created while the lords of the sixth, eighth, and twelfth houses are either positioned in any of the other houses of the natal chart or exchange positions, or they are associated with the lords of the sixth, eighth and twelfth houses in any way.

Anyone having Virpreet Raj Yoga in his or her horoscope will command a good reputation and prominence in life alongside lots of prosperity. But, such an individual gets success after a great struggle. Here are the types of Vipreet Raj Yogas:

1.      Sarala Yoga

2.      Vimala Yoga

3.      Harsha Yoga

Gaj Yoga

This Yoga is created while the lord of houses ninth and eleventh of one’s natal chart is sitting in the eleventh house alongside the Moon. Those having Gaj Yoga in their chart are blessed with great amenities, affluence, vehicles, etc.

Chatussagara Yoga

The Chatussagara Yoga is created while planetary bodies are present in every Kendra house that counts from the Moon or Lagna. Those having the Chatussagara Yoga are blessed with name, reputation, a high position of supremacy and power, prolonged existence, wellness, etc. The best astrologers say that the Chatussagara Yoga for eternity blesses people with high authoritative posts in the government sector.

Gaj Kesari Yoga

According to astrology experts in Toronto, this is among the most fortunate Yogas. Those with this Yoga in their natal chart are bestowed with all the comforts of life. The native will acquire a higher rank in his occupation. As well, he’ll be good at debating, intelligent, and possess a good grasp of imaginative arts. This type of person gets a sharp mind and affluence, and the Gaj Kesari Yoga too blesses the person with prolonged life.

This Yoga is created as the planet Jupiter is present in the Kendra houses (first, fourth, seventh, and tenth) from the Moon. This signifies that planet Jupiter must be situated in any of the Kendra houses as you count from the Moon.

Veshi Yoga

As per a Vedic astrologer, this Yoga is created when there is more than a single planetary body beside the Sun in one’s natal chart. The native can enjoy a good reputation, personality, and recognition from this Yoga.

Simhasana Yoga

Simhasana Yoga is formed if the lord of the dominant is positioned within the tenth house or when the lord of the tenth house is positioned within the first house. Due to this, the native will gain great fame, status, and a higher position in his/her job.

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