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Carpentry Work To Order


Carpentry Work To Order

Carpentry work to order Jacobsen Byg.DK

One of the features of the modern construction market has been the active growth in the number of various building materials, the technologies for their use, and the design of premises offered by modern manufacturers. But at the same time, carpentry work in Copenhagen does not lose its relevance and is becoming more and more in demand.

One of the main requirements in the design of the premises today is the observance of high standards of environmental friendliness, which is easiest to follow with the use of natural wood as one of the main finishing materials.

Tømrer københavn work on wood, carried out to order by the Jacobsen Byg workshop at affordable prices, includes the following manufacturing works:

  • Furniture decorated with carvings according to individual design projects or sketches of the customers themselves;
  • Stairs of any design, their fences;
  • Wooden panels for finishing the ceiling and walls;
  • Carved products (arches, frames, decorative elements);
  • Doors of any type, including all related elements of their design;
  • Interiors for wooden houses of any configuration and level of complexity.

Also, our specialists perform carpentry work in Copenhagen, restoration of natural wood products, their repair, restoration of protective and decorative coatings.

Features of working with wood

Technologies of carpentry processing of wood have been formed for many centuries, gradually changing with the advent of new building materials and tools. Wood is a unique natural material, which can become the basis for the creation of durable and reliable structures only under the condition of correct processing, high accuracy of all operations.

A significant part of the success in any custom carpentry work depends on the quality of wood harvesting, its preparation for further processing and adherence to drying technology. Only in this case can we talk about obtaining a structure that, in addition to the necessary purpose, technical characteristics and nature of the finish, will also guarantee the durability of the wood product, subject to the rules of operation and care.

That is why our company pays special attention to the quality of materials supplied for work. We guarantee the accuracy of following the quality criteria, as well as the norms and requirements when choosing wood, because, for example, the inconsistency of the drying technology when harvesting material of any species leads to the fact that later, depending on the situation, it will begin to crack, lose its shape and warp. This makes such wood virtually unusable.

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