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5 Examples Of Trying To Get People To Believe What They See!

Get People To Believe What They See


5 Examples Of Trying To Get People To Believe What They See!

When others, and / or, any, government official, propose, or tell the public, to forget/pay attention, see with their eyes, or hear, with their ears, and, instead, simply believe, and accept it. , tell them! Over the past few years, in many cases, learn about IGTOK one of the tool on NewsUp Times a multiniche website that provides content to its user some of our elected officials, have resorted to this tactic, which is associated with lying, and have turned to suspicion and complaining, rather than proposing any practical solutions! Time – after – time, evidence, findings, after – truth, clearly, shows, this behavior, etc! Forget it – facts, and blindly, trust them, and believe them, and their true version, instead! With that in mind, this article will try, briefly, to consider, evaluate, review, and discuss, 5 an example of this, and why, we should be concerned, and seek the best.

1. Events, and the lead – up to January 6: Although, Bottled and jarred packaged goods the shocking events, and the behavior of a few supporters – hundreds, enthusiastic, backbone, of the former President – President, seem to believe in the Trump version, that the election did exist. stolen, though, all the narratives, and court cases, they see as untrue! Simply put – it is said, no matter how much, it was demanded (and, still), that – the so-called, Big Steal, did not happen, and in fact, the 2020 presidential election was, perhaps, the most credible, and accurate, in history! Recent revelations from the House Select Committee, exhibitions, many, on the day of the uprising, a few people, including, Donald Trump Jr., Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, etc., sent documents, etc., to the Chief of Staff Meadows. , begging him to find the President, in public, to ask his followers, to calm down, to stop their behavior. Evidence seems to indicate, not only that, he did not respond, immediately, but, he waited, for more than 5 hours, before making any statement! Back – truth, we seem to have seen, kind of a review – history, when, all those people, turned to a particular version / combination, blaming others, saying it wasn’t violence, and Trump said, if Not for him, it would be, much worse!

2. Epidemic lies / Ideas: Instead of handling a terrible epidemic, based on advice, and advice, health professionals, and a specialist, the former President, seemed to equate health risks, and economic damage! How many more will die, and will die, because, instead of taking immediate action, Trump turned to making false claims, and supporting, unsubstantiated theories, instead of encouraging others, following expert advice!

3. Organized Discrimination: Some members of the minority say that the treatment of certain police officers was based on this concept, which they called, Dark Drive! We have seen a few incidents, apparently, showing that, the Courts, the Police, and others, deliberately, or not, continue to practice racism! It happened. All human beings are created equal, too, equal protection of the law, etc.?

4. The 2017 Tax Reform: Although, President Trump, along with his Republican Party, elected officials, said that the legislation would greatly benefit middle-class people, and significantly, lower tax burdens, were clearly designed, in particular, to support, and help, the richest Americans, and the largest companies! At the same time, most economists say, creating, shortening more than $ 1 billion, which has been exacerbated, additional debt, created, by financial support, as a result of the epidemic. The same people who support this tax law are, now, the state, the biggest shortage in America, the fault of President Joe Biden, or, or, more importantly, the result of leadership, 4 years ago.

5. Suspicions and complaints / Empty promises and rhetoric (vitriol) / No solutions: After Charlottesville, with a clear witness, racist, violent, minority, the President, famously, said, There were good people in both. sides. Over and over again, again, he conveyed a message, which allowed the haters, and made them feel entitled to their racism, etc! There, we need someone, to try to heal our wounds, and to bring us together, for great benefit, seeking a certain kind of reunion – of the mind, always, turned to the opposite, contradictory message, and more horrible events, about violence, health and safety. public,  TUTFLIX should be placed on his shoulders, directly!

Awake, America, because, we do not want, we defend all our constitutional guarantees, rights, and freedom (instead of choice), we will lose our identity, and, perhaps, a large part of our democracy! Will you insist on, for the better, more honesty, ethics, and opinions, that, you vote for?

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