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7 Easy Car Repair and Maintenance Services that you can do yourself

Car Repairing


7 Easy Car Repair and Maintenance Services that you can do yourself

Most of us have been driving a car since our teenage years. For many, while it’s almost impossible to live without it, cars optimize a significant part of our lives. While regularly getting oil change services in Dubai keeps your car in good condition, breaking down a car is a mandatory part of its regime as a mechanical device.

It must be a familiar frustration when you cannot find the right platform for the repair. Well, what if we inform you that you can quickly deal with these repairs and fixtures? Even if you’re stuck in the middle of the road, learning the basics of car repair isn’t hard to understand.

To make it easier, we’ve listed the top most basic car repairs you must know in an emergency.

  1. Changing engine oil 

You need to check and change your car’s engine oil regularly to ensure the prolonged lifespan of the engine. Changing oil is an essential skill you must learn, yet the only exception is when you can’t reach the oil filter and drain plug. You’ll begin draining the oil by removing the oil drain plug, unleashing the oil filter and emptying it, and putting the oil filter and drain plug back. Lastly, remove the oil filler hole cap and pour the fresh oil, and you’re done.

  1. Replacing the car battery 

Car batteries often die at the most problematic times. If you’re middle of the highway, your best bet would be to dins a roadside mechanic or call someone. But, if you are at home and your car shows signs of a dead battery, the DIY method for battery replacement will come in handy. All you have to do is to detach the old battery’s plugins and insert the new ones. 

  1. Dealing with the headlight or taillight 

Having a broken headlight or tail light isn’t only inconvenient but also illegal. And that’s why you need to change it ASAP. But why do you have to seek a car repair in Dubai when you can do it yourself? The process involves removing the crew of the headlight and disconnecting the electrical connector. Next, dislocate the faulty bulb and add a new one instead, then plug the connector back in with a new frame.

  1. Getting new wipers 

While windshield wipers are one of the least-appreciated parts, imagine what could happen if they failed during a thunderstorm or snowfall. Perhaps it’ll result in a damaged car. In such cases, you need to replace the faulty wiper blades and ensure the perfect shape of the new ones. 

  1. Cleaning or changing air filters 

Another overlooked part of our vehicles is the air filters, which tend to keep your engine free from dust and contaminants. They’re highly budget-friendly and relatively easy to change. Just open the hood, remove the air filter cover, remove the existing one, clean the air filter housing, insert a new filter, and finally, replace the lid.

  1. Jumpstarting a Car 

It’s not considered a repair, but more like a magic trick, you must know for rainy days. Everyone must know how to jumpstart their car. The process involves shutting down the ignition and taking the jumper cables out. Now, attach the red clips to the car battery’s positive terminal. Next, connect one of the black clips to the negative terminal of the other car’s battery. Realign the other end to an unpainted metal surface.

  1. Puncturing a Flat tyre 

Tyres are one of the main parts of any vehicle, which keeps it going. Yet, they can go flat every once in a while, making you seek a shop for flat tyre repair in Dubai. However, with basic knowledge, you can do it yourself.

Some basic steps involve loosening the nuts, lifting the car with a jack, removing the lug nuts, placing the spare tyre on, wrenching the nuts back and forth, and lowering the vehicle. Finally, check the lug nuts are tight, and you’re good to go. 

Final Wording

Do you know there’s rarely anything in the world that you can’t learn? As for car repair and maintenance, there are multiple online mediums available at your disposal. You need to show an eagle eye to absorb the procedures.

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