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Bedroom Design Trends to Watch in 2014

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Bedroom Design Trends to Watch in 2014

Your bedroom is a private area. It is here that you rest and look for solace. Your bedroom should exude refinement and elegance and be built to be as comfortable as possible. The best interior designers in Lahore advise that in addition to comfort, your space should be decorated using current trends to give it a more appealing appearance. The following are some cutting-edge bedroom design concepts that are anticipated to grow in popularity in 2014:

Green wall

Whether you like them or not, wall sheets are making a comeback. Many interior designers in Pakistan advise employing high-quality wall coverings rather than shelling out thousands of rupees for painting. And now that walls with floral patterns, quirky decor, and vibrant colours are back in style, purchasing wallpaper makes more sense. The hot new trend of covering one side of your walls with floral wallpaper and painting the other side with the paper’s background is expected to gain popularity in 2014.

Neutral subject

As popular as they were last year, neutral hues like beige, champagne, peach, ivory, and dull grey are expected to become even more so in 2019. A neutral-themed bedroom is a perfect place to unwind because of the tranquilly these colours impart to the space. The safest theme in terms of design is one with neutral hues. Due to the excellent matching of all the neutral colours, you do not need to worry about choosing the incorrect bed linens, tablecloths, or carpets.

Pastoral and rustic

A bedroom decorated in a raw, rustic, rural design looks incredibly chic and current. Consider using wooden walls and floors to create a rustic appearance. The goal is to give the space a rustic and unpolished appearance. Your room should appear to have been taken directly out of an antique country house photograph. The best interior designer in Lahore advise incorporating as many natural elements into your home as you can to give your space a rustic appearance.

“Hotel” vibe

best interior designer

The design of hotel-style bedrooms is a current trend. Both a huge, roomy bedroom and a small bedroom might benefit from this setup. Purchase ceiling lights to give your space a hotel-like atmosphere. You can also hang eccentric posters and images to offer a somewhat motel-like appearance. Your hotel-themed room will feel cosier if you embellish and liven it up.

Entirely blue and white

The most calming colour combination is probably blue and white. A space with a blue and white motif appears incredibly soothing and inviting. A blue and white theme is suitable for all ages and seasons and lends the space a feeling of comfort and ease, according to Pakistan’s top interior designers.

Choose one of the popular contemporary bedroom ideas suggested by renowned Pakistani interior designers to style your bedroom for the new year.

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