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Cape Town Travel Tips


Cape Town Travel Tips

Cape Town is placed on the South Africa southwest coast. The impressive Table Mountain with its cable-vehicle lies opposite the port. Take a boat to Robben Island in Table Bay where notorious prison that once held Nelson Mandela is now a Six Museum District. It is always advisable to book your Cape Town tour packages well in advance of your choice to confirm your flight reservations.

You will find the city is rich cultural events and lots of things to do in Cape Town. Plan your travel well so that you can simply love the journey. Here are a few tips making your visit to Cape Town fun:

Amazing food and accommodation

There are many remarkable accommodation locations of varying standards. There are several is five-star hotels on the waterfront close the center of Cape Town, like the Cape Grace Hotel, the Commodore Hotel, and the Westin Grand. Go to Bizerko Bistro or Jardines for fine dining.

Local prices and customs

The rand is the unit of currency in the country. There are hundred cents in a rand. You could guess to purchase most items at slightly lower prices, like bottled of water at Rs 10, means for between R60 and R100 per person. There are many fast food choices at lower prices. Film tickets generally cost R30 and to R50. You need to carry cash with you to tip.


Sometimes, the city summer weather is very harsh, mainly when outdoors. Pack your favourite sun-lotion, glasses and hat for protection, when sight-seeing during the middle hours of the day. Pack light cotton clothes for relaxation with a light coat. If travelling in winter, research the temperature when you are staying. The highlands are pretty cool.

If the weather turns nasty must visit V&A waterfront for some respite. Other wet weather activities contain the Jewish museum, Gold Museum, the Slave House, the amazing heart of Cape Town heart transplant museum or the amazing science center at Canal Walk.

Protection of our health

Talk your family doctor about the need for any pre-travel vaccinations. Take your itinerary to help the doctor make the top decisions for you. Traditionally, malaria has been one of the challenges in the country. There are different approaches and your doctor will be capable to pick the most perfect one.

Travel insurance

South Africa has medical services are accessible at private hospitals and in most big cities, like Cape Town. Anyway, it is powerfully suggested by most government that travel insurance is a vital investment to cover potential incidents in foreign countries.

Plan and book your South Africa tour packages to the city and cut your risk of disappointment. Talk with your travel consultant and work with him or her and then visit the city. It is always advisable to book your flights to Cape Town well in advance of your choice to confirm your flight reservations.

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