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Destructive Behavior in Cats


Destructive Behavior in Cats

It is common that cats to scratch on things. This is done for the purpose of sharpening their claws as well as training their feet. It’s also normal to see cats spend a significant amount in their licks because that is how they wash. If your cat is licking or scratching inappropriately and doesn’t respond to displeasure, they’re identified as having a problem with their destructive behavior. The destructive behavior of every cat is not identical, however. 

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If a cat is prone to scratching on the wrong items, however, it does not show other signs, it is often an initial destructive act. In contrast, cats who spend too long scratching or licking objects are likely to have a second destructive behavior. Birds Of South Carolina Both kinds of destructive behavior could lead to issues with other organs, like the stomach and intestines in the event that they are not treated.

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Your veterinarian will require a complete medical and behavioral background to allow patterns to be identified, and that any physical issues that could be a cause can be eliminated or verified. The things your vet needs to know is when the initial destruction began and the length of time it’s been going on and what triggers cause the destruction, and if your cat is on its own at the time the damage occurs. It is important to inform your vet if the damage has become worse or better, or stayed the same since it was first observed.

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During the physical exam, your veterinarian will be searching for indications that your cat is suffering from an illness that may be the reason for the behavior. A full biological profile, blood test, and urinalysis are required. They will let your vet know whether there are any issues within your cat’s organs that could be the cause of the behavior. A blood thyroid hormone test could also be ordered to help your vet determine the thyroid hormone level of your cat is high or low. In some cases, thyroid imbalances hormone may cause destructive behavior.

Destructive Behavior in Cats


If a medical issue has been identified, that issue will be addressed first. Most of the time, treating the disease will solve the problem. If your cat is not believed to have a medical condition Your veterinarian will create the best plan for treating the behavior issue of your cat. In the majority of cases, there is a mix of medication and training will be required. A single medication will rarely fix the problem. can cats eat shrimp

For the most destructive behavior, the veterinarian will assist you to develop an approach to guide your cat’s destructive behaviors toward objects that are suitable. This will enable you to train your pet to rub the objects that you approve of, and also stop it from scratching things that you do not wish to destroy. When you are in the process of instructing your cat about what it is allowed to not scratch on, covers made of plastic could be used to stop the cat from damaging furniture.

Living and Management

At the beginning of your course of training and medications, Your veterinarian will need to keep in touch with you on a regular basis to ensure that everything is going according to plan. can cats eat bananas It is crucial to take your medications as instructed by your vet? If your cat is given a prescription medication, your vet might want to monitor full biochemical profiles and blood counts to ensure that the drugs do not have a negative effect on the internal organs. It is important to not administer any other medication to your cat when it is under the vet’s treatment unless you’ve first discussed it with your veterinarian.

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It is essential to be patient with your cat when it is learning to not be destructive. It can be a slow process that could take months or even more. Certain cats are more anxious and are hesitant to learn new behaviors . They may require long-term medication or training.

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