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Does Your Workplace Need Pest Control, Cambridge This Winter?

Pest Control


Does Your Workplace Need Pest Control, Cambridge This Winter?

You may not take pests seriously in the winter in Cambridge. Pest control is more of an afterthought for business owners in colder months. Usually, pests don’t show up on properties in the winter months. Thus, you may not give importance to pest control in Cambridge in colder months. Let us tell you a secret: Pests seek opportunities to infest residential and commercial spaces. They can invade your workplace in the winter when they see your employees enjoying holiday treats. They can likely infest your commercial space once they see you busy enjoying treats in the break room.

Additionally, you may see a few pests in your workplace in colder months and ignore them. Nonetheless, a small infestation can turn into a large infestation if you leave it untreated. 

Common Winter Pests

You can encounter several winter pests in a workplace that you must keep your eye on, as well, mentioned below:


One of the common winter pests you can expect to infest your workplace is rodents. Rodents, including rats and mice, can squeeze through small openings to infest a workplace. However, you can avoid rodents infesting your business place doing certain things. You can seal openings to the outdoors, embracing cracks in your building’s exterior, damaged screens, and other damaged areas. You must keep high traffic areas clean, including waiting rooms, break rooms, and bathrooms & dispose of the waste. Check low traffic areas, like storage, electrical, & utility rooms, frequently and make sure they are rodent-free.  


Cockroaches love the summer heat; still, they can’t find a last out the winter months at the beach. Thus, they tend to make ways in the more humid areas of indoor spaces, like bathrooms, breakrooms, and kitchens. You can find them in your workplace in the winter if you don’t follow the necessary precautions to evade them. 

You must seal openings around windows, cracks/crevices in interior/exterior walls, and gaps around utility line entry points. Keep your bathrooms and kitchens dry and ensure sinks and faucets don’t have any leaks. Make sure floor drains are in good condition and properly screened with a suitable mesh/gasket. Plus, store food in sealed and airtight containers, a meter away from the ground and away from exterior walls. Get rid of the clutter from your workplace in the winter via consistent waste management.


Even bedbugs can infest your commercial space in the winter while catching a ride to your workplace through employee/customer clothing. Hence, you can’t ignore bedbugs in colder months because they can likely infest your workplace. Pest control in Cambridge remains a need for a workplace in colder months unless business owners take steps to avoid a pest infestation. 

You should keep laundry, like dirty towels, in sealed bags and vacuum regularly to avoid a bedbug infestation. You must regularly look for live/dead bugs, tiny black/brown stains on upholstered furniture, and an unpleasant musty odour. If you run a non-hospitality commercial business, check locker rooms & changing rooms closely and regularly to avoid bedbugs.  

Overwintering Insects:

Stink bugs, boxelder, cluster flies, and ground beetles are a nuisance as overwintering insects. The warmth from indoors can lure these insects when they search for places to hibernate and find shelter with temperature drops. Surprisingly, you can see these insects around windows and other light sources on warm sunny days. You can seal up any gaps around building foundations, cracks/crevices near windows or door frames, open vents, and unscreened windows. Implementing prevention measures will also aid you in avoiding these insects if your workplace has a bad history of these insects. Professional pest exterminators can help you prevent these insects from infesting your space.

Taking preventive measures against winter pests beforehand will help you avoid the winter pest infestation in your workplace. 


Pest control is more of an afterthought for business owners in colder months. Usually, pests don’t show up on properties in the winter months. Thus, you may not give importance to pest control in Cambridge for your workplace in colder months. However, pests are opportunistic and can infest your workplace if they find an opportunity. The most common winter pests you must watch for include rodents, roaches, bedbugs, and overwintering insects. Preventing measures via the utilization of a professional pest control service can help you avoid them infesting your workplace.

If you have pests or unwanted animals on your property, you should feel free to contact Pesticon (, a pest control company, an expert at pest and animal control in Toronto, Kitchener, Cambridge, and Guelph.

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