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Have a Sip of the Finest Bourbon at Covington, KY- Book your Bus Tour Tickets at the Earliest


Have a Sip of the Finest Bourbon at Covington, KY- Book your Bus Tour Tickets at the Earliest

If you are looking for a city that isn’t too loud or congested but bigger than a small town, you should be in Covington in Kentucky. And how can you get there without doing too much planning beforehand? Simply look for bus tours in Covington, Kentucky, and pack your bags.

Why should you add Covington, KY to your itinerary?

The biggest reason to make Covington a part of your bus trips in Kentucky is because it offers a multitude of authentic and local tastes. Whether it’s the cuisines, walking tours, street art, or bourbon bars, Covington can be a traveler’s delight.  Here are some of the things you can do when you are here with your family:

Mainstrasse Village, a short distance from the NKY Convention Center is a history-lover’s paradise. It boasts of an amazing collage of 19th-century architecture. You almost feel like you are part of a storybook as you walk through this quaint neighborhood. It was originally inhabited by Germans and you will be stunned to see the old buildings still standing erect. 

Don’t forget to go to the Goose Girl Fountain or the 6th Street Promenade. This place is perfect for art and craft lovers; it is swamped with art galleries and boutique shops.

If you are keen to take your kids out on a day trip you should consider Goebel Park. This can be the ideal getaway for families as it is a kid’s playground and has the iconic 100-foot clock tower! Your children will be craning their necks to catch a glimpse of this giant structure! Did you know there are as many as 43 bells atop this tower?

Covington can be a delight for art lovers; it’s known for its exquisite street art. Large murals can be spotted on different buildings and you can even take a tour to see these. Statues, sculptures, and mosaics are all over the city in a riot of colors.

For connoisseurs of whisky, there is a solid reason to plan a bus trip to Kentucky. This state is home to many popular breweries and Covington is no exception. You can get a taste of local flavors when you are here. 

So, bourbon or beer, you will be spoilt for choice. There are plenty of bars in this city of which Braxton Brewing is known for its beers. You can actually sample their brews right from the tap! The Revival Vintage Bottle Shop is an unassuming little store near Madison Street but offers the best option for tasking vintage spirits and bourbon.

To enjoy your sip of bourbon, appreciate the art, and taste the local cuisines, you need to look online for “bus tours near me” at the earliest. Once you find a reliable bus trip operator, you can be sure of getting to these lesser-known but completely worthwhile destinations in Kentucky. So, start packing your bags to soak in the beauty of Kentucky State and indulge in the finest spirits and bourbon on your next holiday!

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