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How to Create Facebook Ads That Look Great

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How to Create Facebook Ads That Look Great

Facebook advertising could seem straightforward initially. (followers on facebook)  Write an engaging post targeted at a specific target audience, invest some cash in it, and then you’ll be able to generate new leads.Not quite. As you’re likely to be aware, Facebook is a challenging market for advertisers. You’re not only fighting with other businesses to get attention and attention, but you’re also competing with people’s families and friends.Click Here

This is the reason your Facebook advertisement image must look appealing and attractive. If you don’t, your chances of being clicked on and converting on Facebook are slim.

Facebook is a platform for visuals, a major reason it’s enjoyed such success. Being competitive is not just about having top-quality content to share. However, you must also ensure that you have the correct size and format for the ad you want to place on it.

“High-quality visual content can have a major impact on your conversion funnel,” says Nate Birt, a content marketer at Visual. “From scanning brain scans to tracking eye movements, researchers have found that images differ from the text. Visuals transmit more information more efficiently.”

The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text! What is it that makes an appealing image suitable for a Facebook advertisement? How can your advert stand out from the cute brides, babies, and pups crowd on your prospect’s Facebook feed? We’ll discuss all this and more in this post.

How to make Facebook adverts for each type of ad

Facebook has five primary advertising formats, each of which has distinct technical requirements about dimensions and aspect ratios that are ideal for posting. The five formats include:

  • Ads with a single image
  • Video ads with only one video
  • Carousel ads
  • Slideshow ads
  • Canvas ads

1. How can I create single-image ads?

They’re the most popular and standard Facebook advertising types. Although they’re basic, they’re also very effective since they’re simple for Facebook users to understand. The ad format is extremely versatile, as it can be utilized for any Facebook purpose (which is the purpose that you decide to set for the advertisement) apart from “Video Views.”

Here are the specifications for ads with a single image:

Image size 1200 x 628 pixels

Image Ratio: 1.91:1

Text 90 characters

Headline 25 characters

Link description: 30 characters

2. How do you create one video Facebook ad?

One-video ads work exactly like they sound, an individual video within the area where the image usually is. It’s a wonderful advertising format, especially considering that over 45% of users watch at least an hour or more of Facebook videos weekly! (I’d be ashamed to discover the number of hours of Tasty video recipes I view on Facebook every week.)

Something to remember when you upload videos to Facebook is that they are viewed without sound, so using captions is highly suggested. A video ad must not exceed 60 minutes.

If you’re considering taking the video ad approach, take a look at the specifications below:

Format of video: mov or .mp4 are preferred

Aspect ratio16:9.

Resolution: At least 720p

Size of the file: 2.3 GB max

Thumbnail size 1200 675 pixels (*the aspect proportion of the thumbnail must be identical to the aspect ratio in the actual video)

Text 90 characters

Headline 25 characters

Link description: 30 characters

3. How do I make Facebook carousel advertisements

Carousel advertisements allow advertisers to create a carousel of images and videos that can be moveable by a set of arrows, as seen in the picture below. This ad benefits businesses that sell online by showing multiple items in one advertisement to promote their online store or store. Of course, other industries benefit by being able to engage viewers through additional content using this type of ad.

Advertisers can display up to 10 videos or images in one Facebook advertisement, connecting to other pages. In contrast to the traditional advertisement format, advertisers can now take advantage of selling an additional nine items via the carousel. It’s pretty cool!

This format for ads can be used to achieve all the goals, including advertising your page, increasing the visibility of your post, reaching out to those who live nearby, increasing the attendance at your event, and gaining views on your videos. They also work on mobile devices.

Find out more specifications:

Image size/Thumbnail image size 1,080 170 pixels

Image ratio/Video aspect ratio 1:1 (square)

Text 90 characters

Headline 40 characters

Link description: 20 characters

*All other specifications for video (format resolution, format dimensions, and more.) are identical to the single format of the ad video above.Read more

4. How to make Facebook slideshow ads

Everyone has a family member who devotes all day to creating slideshows they can display at the family reunion. This ad format does almost the same! Also, tell Aunt Barb that she should start paying for more people to see on your family’s trip to Italy. Okay, this may not be the best situation. However, these ads convey the nostalgic slideshow feeling; that’s why they’re an excellent option in advertising. Slideshow ads are a great choice for every goal, besides catalog promotions.

Find out more about the specifications for these beauties below:

The image size is 1,280 pixels.

Image ratio 16:9, 1:1 or 2:3

Text 90 characters

Headline 25 characters

Link description: 30 characters

Making slideshow ads on Facebook

5. How do you make Facebook canvas ads

And last but not least last, we have Facebook’s latest ad format, called canvas ads. Canvas ads appear like regular images on the surface; however, when the ad is clicked, the user is

taken into a full-screen, immersive interactive experience in which they can interact with your content. While they may appear overbearing, similar to an unjustified commercial, the user can navigate away anytime they wish, and the format permits greater creativity.

The format for ads is currently only accessible via mobile devices to achieve the following six goals to boost your post’s visibility by increasing brand recognition and extending your reach driving people to your site, whether on or off Facebook, and gaining views on videos and boosting the number of conversions to your site.

They can be slightly more complicated to create since they could contain multiple multimedia elements, including an ad unit tilt-to-pan images, carousels, buttons, text block, and a header.

making Facebook Canvas ads

If you’re interested in learning more about this latest media-rich ad format, you can check Facebook’s help center for canvas.

How do you create Facebook ads with images using the best techniques

After you’ve decided which ad format will best suit your Facebook advertising campaign, you’re ready to start searching for the ideal images.

What constitutes an image “good” Facebook image? It can be challenging to answer, particularly when your brain tends to lean towards the logical aspect and not enough towards the artistic side. The good news is that these six ad image best practices will make sure that you’re heading in the correct direction concerning the creation of ads:

1. Include people and preferably happy ones

Other human beings attract humans. It’s just human nature! But all too often, we encounter these boring advertisements containing nothing but words, pictures of office products, or boring graphics that aren’t fun or easy to to get followers on facebook free fast

Incorporating images of people into Facebook advertisements is among the most efficient ways to establish an authentic, personal connection with your target audience. It’s even better if people are content!

The below ad is a perfect illustration. This woman is smiling and content. She’s also making healthy juices that are relevant to the overall theme of the piece that’s being advertised.

2. Utilize a context-relevant image that is contextually relevant

Context is crucial when looking for the ideal ad image. For instance, can a nutrition website advertise its brand using the image of a cheeseburger and fries? Most likely not. It’s the same that you can do with a random image or a picture of a dog to advertise the latest feature of your software. It’s just not relevant to the context, and your message could become lost in the translation. So, If you have your audience from any other language you should hire Legal Translation services to review your content so you can target the best audience and pass your message easily.

Below is an example of how Google isn’t doing well in providing a relevant and contextual image in its advertisement. The ad below appears to be selling a B2B marketing strategy guide. However, the ad’s image depicts four individuals (whose backs face the camera) walking. While the picture isn’t terrible, it doesn’t tie to what the ad sells. They tried to create the connection by using”stronger” and “stronger and more adaptable,” however the image appears out of context.

Note : how to get followers on facebook free

relevant Facebook ad images

However, Zendesk, a help desk service Zendesk offers a clear illustration of providing a contextually relevant and contextually relevant image. It appears that they are promoting its live chat service, and the image used is of an old-fashioned type of communication, which could take people back to their fond childhood. The image isn’t just pertinent to the context. However, it is also likely to trigger emotions.

3. Include a pop of color

If your ad is dominated by grays, whites, and shades of tan, it’s likely to ignore. But if the advertisement contains all shades of the rainbow, it could overload your viewers with sensory experiences.

A well-balanced mix of light greys and whites and a hint of more vibrant colors is the best method to achieve an even balance. Use a clear white, soft, crisp background, and then add the brighter shades of orange, red, blue, and green. Or purple. Consider the examples below from the clothing brand. The bright red hue in these side-by-side images immediately draws attention to the clean white background.

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