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How to Increase Instagram Followers in 10 Easy Steps

Increase Instagram Followers


How to Increase Instagram Followers in 10 Easy Steps

If you haven’t included Instagram, which has reached 200 million monthly active users, in your social media marketing strategies, you’re missing out.

You do not need to spend a lot of time to become a member of Instagram. It’s a subscription that takes seconds. Let’s come to the marketing dimension of the business; Especially considering the demographic structure of Instagram users, Instagram is a very meaningful platform that you can use for your product and company. Well, are your products and services in the content that can be presented with photographs? These and similar questions are the ones that need to be answered when opening a corporate Instagram account.

If you can answer these questions and the use of Instagram matches your corporate goals, using the following 10 strategic steps will enable you to be successful in Instagram.

1. Interact with other users and network with them

Gaining followers is dependent on being known by many individuals. We meet individuals through attending a variety of meetings and activities. Why not try the same thing on Instagram? By like other Instagram users’ posts and leaving comments, you boost your chances of being noticed by others, which increases the number of followers you have.

2- Post images of your personnel and workplace

People are interested in company working environments and want to observe how things function. That’s why McDonald’s film, “Why Burgers in Ads Look Better Than the Real Thing”, went viral. 

Similarly, you may share your company’s everyday hustle and bustle with followers. However, before you do so, make sure to obtain authorization from your personnel. In terms of promoting your company’s favorable image, publishing joyful photographs of your staff will assist you to gain more followers.

3. List your upcoming events or products that aren’t accessible anywhere else

In addition to your workers’ shares, you may create unique shares for your Instagram followers, increasing the number of your followers. For example, if you’re travelling to a fair in another country, you may pre-share the photographs you’ll be using there. If you are about to release a new item, you may post photographs of it with Instagram followers. Such posts pique people’s interest, and those who visit you become your followers.

4. Share graphs

Sharing drawings or graphs grab the attention of some firms’ followers. If your brand image is appropriate for this, you can share such a post; otherwise, go to the following stage. 

5. Make a collage 

We can’t make collages on Instagram, but there are several collage programs that we may use to share amazing photographs. (For example, Instagram Frames, Pic Collage, Collage Shaper, Photo Shaper and so on.) Collage postings enable you to convey more information. The main thing here is to gather a variety of pieces that are all relevant. 

You can know how H&M did this in the video. By combining four various frames, an educational and astonishing sharing is created. More people will follow you if you emphasize photo quality above content.

6. Hashtag, hashtag, hashtag

I’ve already discussed the significance and proper application of hashtags. Adding relevant hashtags to your posts will assist them to reach a larger audience. 

If you use special hashtags for your brand on other social media platforms, make sure to utilize them on Instagram as well. As a result, those who follow you on other social media platforms will continue to do so on Instagram. Make sure to include relevant and commonly used hashtags in every photo you publish. By searching on Instagram, you may also locate popular or relevant hashtags. It ranks the closest hashtags you’ve searched on Instagram first, making it easy to discover hashtags while avoiding a large mess. The usage of famous but irrelevant hashtags can make you appear inexperienced and your brand weak. It is effective in the short run but not in the long term. 

7. Post a link to your Instagram account on Facebook

Since Facebook acquired Instagram, the two platforms have been interacting practically constantly. As a result, if you have a Facebook page, you may link your Instagram account here and publish your Instagram posts on Facebook.

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8. Maintain your Instagram profile

Your Instagram profile is just as crucial as the photographs you post there. You have 150 characters to write a compelling profile post. So, write and share not just who you are, but also what you enjoy and your hobbies with others. 

9. Drive traffic to your Instagram account from your website

If your website is receiving a lot of traffic, don’t forget to include icons for your social network accounts. If you’re interested, you may also draw people to your website by including Instagram photographs and videos into your blog.

10. Include eye-catching images in your postings

Instagram is a platform solely based on virtual graphics. As a result, it is critical to update on a frequent basis in order to keep your fans interested. 

To share intriguing photographs, use programs like Lumie, Snapseed, PicMonkey, Pixlr, and Color Splash to make them. Applications like as PopPhoto and CIO may help you generate higher-quality photographs. 

BONUS: Using Instagram Follower Services

You may also become a sensation in the world’s most popular social networking app by trying the Instagram follower increase service. This service, which has quickly become the ideal alternative for consumers looking to increase the number of followers on their social media accounts, is completely trustworthy and fairly priced. Therefore, you can now buy Instagram followers cheap. You may choose one of the Instagram followers packages if you need to get real followers quickly and discreetly without revealing any login information. Flowline Center, a company that focuses on customer satisfaction, provides excellent follower growth strategies for anyone who want to become an Instagram phenomenon.

To summarize, to increase your Instagram followers, you must prioritize the quality of your images, as well as share and network in order to capture the attention of your followers. As a result, users will automatically follow you.

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