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Organic Chemical Free Hair Colour in India

Chemical Free Hair Colour


Organic Chemical Free Hair Colour in India

In recent years, 100% natural and chemical-free beauty products have become a very popular and noticeable trend. As there are so many chemical-laden beauty products on the market, people are looking for the best alternatives. In this blog we will talk about some natural hair dye created from herbs and free of harmful chemicals that are specially designed for semi-permanent hair colouring. It restores and feeds hair using uncommon herbs that can fortify hair in a number of ways.

Hot topics such as “natural” or chemical-free are of great concern. But what does it really mean? In contrast to the chemical-filled colours that salon owners use, the “chemical free hair colour” uses natural products, such as flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs, are typically produced from plants for hair treatment

Switch for chemical free and natural hair now

To be straight and right: it is really difficult to obtain hair colouring that is completely chemical-free. Not to mention that phrases like “natural” and “organic” are unregulated, so it’s crucial to take those promises with a grain of salt even if you see them plastered over the label of hair colour. That said, your best chance is to do some ingredient sleuthing and know which ones to steer away from if you’re seeking for a more natural hair color—whether it’s because you’re pregnant, becoming vegan, or simply trying to be a more aware consumer.

How to get natural hair dye ?

● There are many plant- and henna-based hair dyes available that can help to provide a less harmful and risky choices to conventional dyes.

● Indus Valley dark brown hair colour can be checked for your natural hair colour that is made up of only natural chemicals. No artificial or dangerous chemicals.

● This item is intended for colouring hair on a semi-permanent basis. It doesn’t include any harmful chemicals and uses 8 rare herbs to repair and nourish hair.

● An entirely natural hair colour, this biologically natural Damage Free Gel Color is. All hair types, including straight, curly, thick, thin, dry, and greasy, respond well to it. Also appropriate for hair, beards, and moustaches

Bottom line

All of these indus valley hair colours don’t contain ammonia, however they do contain other substances like PPD, MEA, or AMP that can harm hair and cause skin irritation. Before using any hair colouring products, always perform a patch test.

Perform a patch test 48 hours in advance to prevent allergic reactions and skin irritation before using any hair dye. To avoid reusing these chemical-filled treatments, it could also be a good idea to consider natural alternatives like henna and hair-darkening oils. Additionally, semi-permanent hair dyes are a safer alternative.

A product’s components list should always be read before purchase. To avoid harming your skin and hair, stay away from dangerous chemicals like ammonia. Have any of these ammonia-free products ever been used by you? Share your story or thoughts with us freely in the comments section below.

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