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What Are The Different Types Of Waffle Maker?


What Are The Different Types Of Waffle Maker?

There are three main types of waffle makers you can find at a good restaurant equipment supplier : Belgian waffle cone, bubble waffle and waffle cone. Mix it up. Waffle cones are about 1 inch thick, while Belgian waffles are approximately 1 inch. Bubble waffles are thinner and have less pockets.

Belgian Waffles

Belgium is home to many delicious dishes, but Belgian waffles are one of the most well-known. They are not likely to go out of style as they are well-loved around the globe.

Waffle Cones

Waffle cones, or waffle cornucopias, are the perfect pairing for icecream on hot summer days.

Bubble Waffles

The vibrant, neon city of Hong Kong brought bubble waffles to America. Bubble waffles were introduced to America by the vibrant, neon metropolis of Hong Kong. ). Bubble waffles are a popular choice for customers looking for new places to eat or new cafes.

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Bubble Waffle Maker

Strawberry bubble waffle cone sundae with sprinkles, whipped cream and Pocky.

Commercial Waffle Maker Features

Waffle plates

Also known as “grids”, the plates that are used by waffle-makers to cook the batter are called “grids”. These plates are used to cook the batter and can’t be removed. Removable plates are becoming more popular as are waffle platesand fresh baked bubble waffles.

Rotary Features

You can flip the waffle plates upside-down using the rotary design. You can also flip the waffle plates upside down after the batter has been poured in. This helps to ensure even baking and a gorgeous browning effect.

Adjustable Browning Control

Different batters require different cooking times. The adjustable browning control allows you to adjust the cooking time for each batter based on its thickness.

Indicators For The Auditory And Visual Senses

There are many ways to make perfect waffles in busy commercial kitchens. Waffle makers have visual and audible indicators that allow you to consistently cook waffles order after order.

Drip Trays

The trays collect the batter runoff and crumbs. These trays are dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

Measuring Utensils

The first defence against batter runoff is accurate measurement of machine-specific ingredients. Commercial waffle makers need a measuring spoon or cup with fill lines to prevent spillage and keep their work area clean.

Waffle Maker With Removable Plates

It is important that you have a say in how crispy or soft a waffle tastes. You can make waffles as you like them. A temperature control is a must if you want to bake waffles that are barely golden or dark brown. Multi-functional waffle makers such as this taiyaki fish pan allow you to make different types of waffles. There are machines that have flip-up plates, which can be used as a flat cooking surface. This is great for making pancakes or eggs (if you don’t need waffles). These are great for multi-purpose machines that don’t take up much space in your home. The drip tray underneath your waffle maker helps keep the countertop top clean and prevents it from becoming stained or damaged by batter. Drip trays are available for many machines. They can be removed easily and washed in the dishwasher or sink.

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