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What is Considered Plus Size Clothing?


What is Considered Plus Size Clothing?

Surely if you are a person or one of your relatives or acquaintances, you wear measurements outside of what the fashion industry classifies as “normal” or “standard”; You will be aware of how complicated it is in most cases, to find a plus size clothing line that fits correctly, comfortably, elegantly and with style.

To this inconvenience, already annoying in itself; we have to add the fact that, despite finding plus size wholesale clothing vendors, sometimes these garments can be tight at one point, and too loose at another. Which ultimately turns out to be very stressful as well as disappointing.

All this leaving aside another of the great problems faced by a person who needs to wear large size clothes, which is not finding a nice model of shirt or pants, for a size that is not the standard, making the possibility of choosing a particular model is limited.

Although this type of situation is still very common, it is worth highlighting the efforts of many clothing brands to include and take into account the needs of a large number of people, who, due to different situations, require garments outside the “average size”.

All this has been possible thanks to the fact that the same people, especially through interaction on social networks, have managed to get noticed; and for the fashion industry to heed your opinion as to the real need for an expansion of its plus- size clothing scale. In addition to this being a stylish garment and not simply a sad model proposed to hide fatness or overweight.

What is considered plus size clothing?

Most of the brands in the fashion industry begin to pigeonhole plus size clothing when they dress from or above size 42 or 36 Colombian. Broadly speaking, it is what is popularly known in recent years as plus size clothing, and refers to a person who is between medium and large sizes. 

As you may have noticed, large size or plus size clothes do not necessarily refer to people who are overweight or obese, but rather it is a way of classifying people who are above what the industry defines as “average size”. .

What is my correct large size and how can I find out?

At this point, already knowing what is called plus size clothing, surely this is the question that you are asking yourself right now.

Knowing the answer to this question will undoubtedly make our work much easier when searching, whether in physical stores or online stores, for the clothes we want to wear.

This is especially important to help us dissipate fears and fears, when we want to take advantage of the possibility that modernity offers us, of making purchases from the comfort of our home.

So don’t despair, because next we are going to teach you in a simple way, how you can achieve the security of buying plus size clothing in our store; so that in this way, you avoid bad experiences or mistrust when placing your order online.

To achieve this, you will only need a meter of tailor, pencil and paper; since you will take the measure of a shirt that you have, and above all you know that it fits perfectly to your figure. All we have to do is take the measurements of the chest, back and the length of the garment, starting from the shoulder to the final hem.

Carrying out this simple step we will know the exact measurements, and it would only be enough to check them with the size chart that you can find on our website. In this way you will know exactly what size you are, and be sure when placing your order. 

To finish, it is also necessary that you take into account; that many of these tables refer only to that specific clothing brand or store. Therefore, it is normal that it varies depending on the country of origin or the online site.   

At Fondmart, we know that your own style and comfort are very important. That is why we believe that knowing more about plus size clothing and how to choose it correctly according to your measurements; will be a key factor, when choosing between our different products.

And now that you know what your measurements are and you can determine your ideal size! We invite you to take advantage of all the news in pants, shirts, jeans, shorts and plus size clothing that we have available for your style.

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